Friday, October 30, 2009


Testing, testing!

I tried to change the name of this blog to reflect that it's more personal and not about Northern California now. By changing the name, I also changed to web address. When you type in the old address, it doesn't bring you to this blog anymore.

So, can anyone who was subscribed to the old blog still able to see this?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Even though I have a game with SCRD against Sacred in November, I feel like the derby season is over and I'm sad.

I keep reminding myself that there is a Sac/Sacred game on November 7th and Red Red Holiday is on December 13th. But what about all that space in between!? Booooooring.

I think every other week a local league should set up a Saturday or Friday night open scrimmage in the offseason. Two or three open scrimmages a month in November and December to keep everyone fresh and to socialize?!

I don't know about you guys, but in my experience, after the last game of the season, the leagues I've skated for often drop practice to once a week until January. I think this is the first year ever I did not want to take a break at the end of the year!

Ok, who's hosting first?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am an insecure coach..

Did you know I am on the coaching committee for Sonoma? Well, I am! I was briefly on the coaching committee for BADG some years ago but I found I didn't really like to lead practices and often second guessed my instructions so I stepped down from the committee.

But I am giving coaching a second try with SCRD. It works in my favor because my committee work can be done in practice and via email and doesn't require me to drive up to Rohnert Park any more than I already have to. And I have a lot of veteran advice that the girls seem interested in hearing (for now!).

I am still totally plagued with doubts though when I lead practice. I am always a little cautious..."How did that feel? Did you like that drill? What do you want to work on now? Would it be ok if we scrimmaged a little bit, guys?" Not exactly the voice of authority.

I don't feel that I have the creative thought process to develop new drills or strategies and plays. I can recycle the things I already know and I can talk about things I've learned through experience. But it's difficult to think on the fly. I always feel like I'm letting people down if I don't have some new material that gives them a breakthrough moment.

On the other hand, sometimes I'm not so passive. And I haven't learned to walk the fine line of challenging versus mean. Sometimes I get frustrated when people aren't listening or not trying and I might yell "STOP FUCKING AROUND!" Which, in retrospect, doesn't make practice very fun. I'm so used to practices not really being fun and be really challenging. It's hard to come into a new group that doesn't operate with those same standards and try to adjust to a newer, more relaxed style.

I'm tottaly terrified that people are going to either think I'm too mean and too strict or think I'm not giving them enough and they're not learning.


Being in charge is hard.

Luckily, the girls are all very nice and they are not shy about communicating when something is or is not working. I appreciate the feedback. I'm just crossing my fingers that everyone stays patient and open and I can figure out my role and what I can offer.

Any advice, guys?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Website? What website?!

You want to know a derby pet peeve of mine? Bad or inactive websites!

For my bout previews and recaps, I link to every league I mention. I pull pictures or logos from their websites. I try to look for past scores.

When you have a freaking MYSPACE instead of a website? That is unacceptable! What are you, 13?! You're a freaking business. Be accessible. Have a website.

And what the fuck is up with leagues not putting their scores from their bouts on their website?!? You don't think people might want to know the outcome of your games?

It doesn't do much to encourage the validty of the sport when your game results are an afterthought to your Metal-Themed Team Glamour Shots.

Every league website should have a "Scoreboard" section where they have the official score and date of every bout they have ever played!

I know we have Derby News Network. I know we have Derbymatic. But when your podunk league doesn't submit scores to either of those websites they can't update the scores.

Stop sucking, people. Get a designated web master to update your website monthly, if not weekly. If no one on your league is capable of that, hire somebody to do it. Hell, hire a kid in high school. Kids want the experience, have a lot of the knowledge, and you can probably pay them cheaply. If you can't afford to pay someone, ask someone to do it for free and then put ads for them on the website and in the programs for your bout.

Monday, October 12, 2009



I announced my first bout over the weekend! Battle Born Derby Demons vs. Sonoma County Roller Derby. It was a lot of fun. And I would totally do it again! Any leagues out there need an announcer for a bout? You let me know!

I talked a little too much, said some things that weren't actually true, and sometimes messed up some pronounciation. But it was my first time and I know I'll be better next time! Now I know what to expect!

I was happy I was able to pull out some quick, on the fly jokes every know and then. I was worried I wouldn't know what to say but things just came pouring out.

I almost feel like practicing announcing now! Maybe I'll go home and watch some bout footage I have and announce over it.

Retirement from BADG:

So after skating on two leagues for the season, I decided one had to do. I didn't feel particularly burned out. I just couldn't really deal with paying dues for both leagues and having to cross bridges and drive 30+ miles for every practice. And I was starting to really feel some not happy feelings towards BADG. I just didn't feel like I fit in with that system anymore AT ALL. I didn't feel connected and I didn't feel inspired.

I decided to file for retirement from the league. I'd been skating with them for over 4 years. Our policy had always been that anyone could retire if they maintained 50 % attendance for two years.

But my application was denied! Because I am going to continue skating for another league. I never said I wanted to retire from roller derby. I said I wanted to retire from the BADG league! So, being the little scrapper that I am, I am trying to appeal. I checked the handbook, it doesn't say anything about what you choose to do in your skating career after you leave BADG. And in the bylaws, the wording of a policy can't be changed unless the whole league votes on it (a process that will take probably a few weeks). Therefore, I should be granted retiree status, right? RIGHT!

What I choose to do with another league after leaving BADG shouldn't really be an issue, in my opinion. They are two completely organizations..

Anyways, it's little stuff like that which makes my reason to leave BADG all the more clear. I've been with the league for almost five years. I skated on the travel team for every season except for the last. I've always been overactive in my committee work. I have never had less than the minimum required attendance. I have busted my ass for YEARS. And then to be told I can't be allowed to retire from their league? It just seems spiteful. So I'm leaving because I'm not happy there. Does that mean that everything I've worked for should just be dismissed? This should be a drama-free parting. Sheesh.

On a lighter note...


A open non-team tournament in HAWAII? Ugh, I so want to be there. The tourny itself is only $35 and I have some relatives in Honolulu that I may be able to stay with. I could just never afford the plane ticket. I need to seriously brainstorm some personal derby fundraising activities.

What to do, What to do?

New Blog, New Start

Hello readers! I moved all my bout recaps and previews a long time ago to my other site at:

But I miss being able to type freely about my own personal roller derby experiences. So this blog is now just going to be about me and what I'm doing and my opinions.

I encourage you to unsubscribe or un"follow" if that doesn't interest you.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In case you haven't already noticed, I have moved my blog to a new site. You can now find my articles on Nor Cal Derby at the Examiner.

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