Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oakland Outlaws @ Port City Roller Girls

Event: Bad Luck Bout - March 21st, 2009
Halftime Score: Oakland Outlaws 63 v Port City Roller Girls 18
Final Score: Oakland Outlaws 97 v Port City Roller Girls 50

In the first ever bout between long established Nor Cal leagues B.A.D.G. and P.C.R.G., the Oakland Outlaws took home a hard fought victory for the Bay Area.

I believe both teams went into the game not knowing what to expect. One thing is for certain though, Port City may have had a slight advantage with their experience in skating at the Stockton Fairgrounds venue. Their bout facility doubles as their practice space and the surface is polished concrete. I can personally say that I have never felt anything like that floor before. It felt like I was skating on an ice rink with my wheels instead of blades. I tried to wear outdoor wheels to gain some more stability and traction during the first period, but I found that the outdoor wheels slowed me down so much that I couldn't increase my speed and felt like I was skating through sand. At halftime I changed me wheels to regular indoor Tuners. While I was able to skate much faster I struggled on the turns because I couldn't control my skates on the slippery floor as I attempted to cross over. Now, I have skated in a lot of different places and skated on several different surfaces. I usually pride myself on being able to adapt to a new situation without needing to modify my equipment. But that Stockton floor? That was something else.

Oakland was stunned in the first minutes of the game, trying to figure out this slippery floor and this unfamiliar Stockton team. On the completion of the fifth jam of the game, the score was tied at 10 - 10. However, the Outlaws got it together and roared back for the remainder of the first half by scoring another 53 points and holding Stockton to only 8 additional points, making the halftime score 63 to 18 Oakland. Outlaw captain and pack blocker Polly Puredread made her only appearance on the jam line in the first half and scored a commanding 13 - nothing jam against Razor Grrl.

In the second period, the scoring was much more balanced. The Outlaws scored 34 points while Port City kept the pace with 32 points. Most of those Port City points were scored by the tag team duo of Jamn Jewlz and 2Quick who combined to score 28 points. Jewlz took the brunt of the work in that second half scoring 19 points in 8 jams while 2Quik took 9 points in 4 jams. The Oakland team spread the wealth a little more and earned their points with five scoring jammers.

The highest scorer trophy for the night was awarded to Oakland jammer Jane Hammer. She scored a total of 33 points in 10 jams, averaging 3.3 points per jam. The next highest scorer was Jamn Jewlz who had 27 points in 13 jams, averaging just over two points per jam.

Also jamming for Oakland was: Killer Vee (18 points in 8 jams), Burly Bot (16 points in 9 jams), Sharon Needles (16 points in 6 jams), Polly Puredread (13 points in 1 jam), and Brick Shields (1 point in 1 jam).

Also jamming for Port City was: 2Quik (18 points in 9 jams), Razor Grrl (2 points in 6 jams), Tess T Rossa (2 points in 1 jam), and Evil Angel (1 point in 2 jams)

Oakland blocker Taxi Scab was awarded MVP for the night. La Chica Mala took home a trophy for outstanding blocking for Oakland while Pomp Adorable was trophy-fied for Port City.

Oakland Outlaw Roster:

Billie Bones / Brick Shields / Burly Bot / Flash Morgan / Jane Hammer / Jennacologist / Killer Vee / La Chica Mala / Lady Kiss Off / Lemmy Chokeya / Polly Puredread / Sharon Needles / Sinnocent/ Taxi Scab

Port City Roster:

2Quik / Boppin / Dominant Dolly / Evil Angel / Jamn Jewlz / Mad Muggin Moe / Malevolent / Nacho Mama / Pomp Adorable / Razor Grrl / Sydney Vicious / Slam Her Time / Tank Her Bell / Tess T Rossa

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sonoma v Emerald City

Leagues: Sonoma County Roller Derby vs Emerald City Roller Girls
Date: March 21st, 2009
Location: Eugene, Oregon

I was wrong! The first time of many, many more predictions that will go horribly wrong!

The Eugene girls took this rematch with a final score of 113 to 79. While I have heard rumors as to what went wrong for our local North Bay girls, I can't speculate as to what happened. I'm sure it was a hard fought game with a lot of emotion driving the plays. Their last game against each other took place nine months ago and literally came down to the last jam with a final score of 93 - 92 Sonoma. With such a tight game last year, I'm sure both teams wanted to make a bold statement.

Ahhhh, well. Sonoma, you still have my heart. Better luck next time, right?

Sacred vs Central Coast

Teams: Sacred City Derby Girls and Central Coast Roller Derby
Date: March 28th, 2008
Time: 7 pm
Location: Roller King 889 Riverside Ave Roseville, CA 95678

Dang. I am going to miss this bout. My beloved San Jose Sharks are approaching the last few games of their season and I have tickets to the game on Saturday night. Although I love roller derby, I love me some hockey! It pains me to choose between my two sportly loves, but it must be done. I have weekend upon weekend of derby coming up and hockey is quickly closing in on the end of the season.

I do regret not being around to watch Sacred take on Central Coast. Sacred is a team that I have supported since their first game. They had one of the quickest uprising out of any league I know. They were accepted into the WFTDA when their organization was less than one year old. Currently they are unofficially ranked 28 in the WFTDA. I say unofficially because as of this quarter, the WFTDA only ranks the top 10 teams nationally. Within their Western region, Sacred is ranked 5th place. In California, the Sacramento team is currently going into the state tournament, The Big One, ranked number one after taking a hard-fought second place to the B.A.D. All-Star team in last years tourney.

For 2009, Sacred is just getting started. They racked up their first win in February against the OC Roller Girls with a score of 101 to 80.

Sacred has a deep bench of veteran players even after the departure of some of their most well-known players. Expect to see top jammer Candy Crusher cranking out the points along with help from Cash Money, Her Meechness, and Rosie Rampage. Ex-BAD player Mathemortician is sure to be spending a lot of time blocking in the pack. She seems to hardly need a break. And watch out for Shadow Soldier! Man, that is one player who truly makes me skate in the opposite direction when she's lining up for a hit.

Central Coast is also an up-and-coming WFTDA California team. Currently unranked nationally, they are going into The Big One ranked # 5 in the state. Last year they took fourth place in The Big One after winning round robin mini-games against Port City and the OC Roller Girls.

This season, CCRG has already notched three wins out of their three games. In January they battled Visalia (133 to 109) and Bakersfield Derby Revolution (117 to 36). In February, the Central Coast girls took on the Silicon Valley Roller Girls and cranked out a 88 to 50 win.

Jammers to watch out for from CCRG are Hill Fire, Resident Vixen, and April Fools (she of the tube top jersey fame!). Notable blockers are the heavy hitter Berta the Hurta and tenacious and experienced blocker Lacy Thunder Ware.

I am certainly rooting for a Sacred victory but I predict that this game will be very, very close. I think the skill gap in California roller derby is rapidly closing and this game may be a testament as to how our less established leagues may be poised to take over the top ranks.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I have a lot to update! Oakland v Port City! Sonoma v Emerald City! Oakland v Richmond preview!

However, dear readers, I am in Mexico on vacation. While I'd love to sit and reminisce about bouts past with you, I have margaritas to drink and sand to lay on.

But I'd like to let you know about a little fundraiser the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls are having. If you go to any Pasta Pomodoro location on Monday March 23rd, 20 % of your total bill will be donated to the B.A.D. Girls. Just bring in this flyer with you!

So get your eat on and help out our league! It's as easy as....eating pasta!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

SCRG 128 vs L.A.D.D. 122

Santa Cruz Roller Girls All- Star Team vs. L.A. Derby Dolls Sirens
March 14th, 2009 @ Santa Cruz

Though I wasn't in attendance for last nights Santa Cruz vs. L.A.D.D. match-up, I've heard a little bit about it.

At half time I received a text message touting an impressive score of 94 to 54 Santa Cruz! My anonymous texter felt that L.A.D.D. was being held back by frequent cutting the track and 20 Feet majors.

However! The final score ended up being 128 to 122 Santa Cruz! What a surge by LA! They more then doubled their points in the second half of the game.

So, Santa Cruz. How'd it all go down?

For more detail, check out this on the game that was published on the front page of the Sports section!

B.A.D.G. March 14th Bout

Event: B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls: Shamrock N Roll March 14th, 2009

Final Score: Richmond Wrecking Belles 164 v S.F. ShEvil Dead 66

Ok, readers. I'm going to be honest here. I do not intend to have this super professional journalist-style of writing. I'm just going to give my opinion on the bouts I see, which may or may not be a popular idea. So, here we go.

This was a weird bout. I was working the door up until halftime, so I didn't see the first half. Due to the acoustics in the building, I couldn't hear the announcers during the first period either. I have no idea what went on. At halftime the score was 68 to 44 with Richmond taking the lead.

I say the bout was weird because the atmosphere just didn't feel the same. We sold about 200 tickets less than we usually do. I know that's probably due to the bout falling on St. Patrick's Day weekend. People had prior plans to be vomitting in the gutter over on Broadway Street which kept them away from the roller derby.

But we still had 1000 people in the place. That's nothing to sneeze at. However it just was not as loud as we're all used to. There were times during the second period where I was cheering and the person seated in front of me, kept turning to give me the stink eye. Seriously? You're at a bout! You're supposed to embrace the raucous activity. It's not like we were at a poetry reading and I was like "YEAH! YOU READ THE SHIT OUT OF THAT STANZA! MAN, DID YOU SEE THAT RHYME?! THAT WAS HUGE!"

I wonder if the calmer audience had any effect on the players? I know that a lot of players draw motivation from the crowd and get more aggressive and faster as the audience gets louder and louder. Even though I was working a shift during the first period, I quizzed my friends on what went down. The general consensus is that even though Richmond had the lead at the end of the first period, ShEvil Dead was the team that came out swinging. Multiple people commented that the struggling SF team played more unified than they ever have while Richmond was lacking their normal dominating energy for the first half.

This season, ShEvil lost their top two jammers Miss Moxxxie and Exquisite Corpse to retirement. In addition to that, two veteran players were recently injured are were unable to play. Blocker Windigo Jones broke her hand at the February 21st bout against Oakland. A week later, longtime blocker and ShEvil dead coach, Motley Cuz also broke her hand in practice. With those set-backs, it had to feel a little discouraging. But SF apparently fought hard to maintain a tight 24 point different in the first half of the game.

I also heard that Richmond was experimenting with players in different positions than they normally play. Blockers were stepping up to fill out the jammer roster. Brawllen Angel, who was a dedicated jammer last season, was out blocking in the pack.

In the second period, Richmond started to get it together and change up their line-up. Previously dedicated jammers went back to jamming and blockers went back to blocking. With each jam they started to pull away more and more. However, I couldn't help but notice how often Richmond was playing with skaters in the penalty box. They rarely had a full line-up in during the second period When you have a thirty point lead, a fourty point lead, a fifty point are you still committing so many penalties? When you have a comfortable lead and you're not feeling desperate, you shouldn't play desperate. They are a very physically dominating team! It's easy for them and it's hard for me to watch them let their control slip.

In the end, Richmond took the victory. I'd like to think that the ShEvil Dead took home a moral victory though. The team is currently in a rough transition period. The rookies of the team are certainly stepping up but I think they just need a little bit more time to gel together.

I really enjoyed seeing Sassy Slayer go back to jamming in this game for the ShEvil Dead. Sassy is a fantastic jammer. I know she is even better as a blocker in the pack, but watching her jump and fight her way through the pack is always fun.

Making her roller derby debut last night was SF player Knock Knock who took turns jamming and blocking. It is no small feat to take all-star player Liza Machete off her feet in a bout. To be able to do that in your first game ever is something to really be proud of.

I also really liked watching Golden Skate Warrior jam for Richmond. GSW is coming out in full force in 2009! Although she didn't have much playing time last season, she recently made the travel team and will surely see much, much more time on the track this year.

Now ShEvil gets some much needed time off. They unfortunately had to play two bouts in three weeks when normally we get atleast 4 to 6 weeks in between games. Their next bout will be in San Jose against the Silicon Valley Roller Girls. This bout will be a rematch of last seasons bout which resulted in 126 to 55 ShEvil Deads victory.

The Richmond Wrecking Belles will play the Oakland Outlaws on April 4th. This will also be a rematch as these two teams faced off in the 2008 season championship. I, for one, am equal parts excited and terrified.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sonoma County Roller Derby Appreciation Post

This is not a bout preview post. This is a straight-up "I-love-this-league-and-feel-that-they-should-get-some-props" post.

Sonoma County Roller Derby. Some people hear Sonoma County and think "Where?" Others think "That place with all the farms?" And yet others may think "Isn't that part of wine country?" Answers: Yes.

As a onetime Sonoma County resident (Cotati, whatwhat!) and sister of a retired SCRD player, you may consider me biased. I did grow up in the nearby area and learned to skate at Sonoma's home rink Cal Skate in Rohnert Park. I did have and attend many birthday parties there. I frequently partook in Red Light, Green Light. I still squeal when I walk into Cal Skate as a grown-up and try to tell anyone walking in with me for the ten thousandth time that "This is my rink!" So, maybe just a little bit biased.

I feel like because it's a little far north than a lot of Bay Area people like to drive, the Sonoma County Roller Girls get overlooked. I don't think many people in the roller derby community realize how talented the team is. I honestly feel that they should be playing the top leagues in the state. I would love, LOVE to see a Sacred vs. Sonoma bout.

The league has a two-tiered team system that a lot of leagues are favoring recently. Specifically, an A travel team, The Wine Country Homewreckers, and a B travel team, The North Bay Bruisers.

In 2008, the Homewreckers played Port City (Stockton), San Diego Derby Dolls, Nor Cal Roller Derby (Chico), Sac City Rollers A team(Sacramento), Emerald City (Oregon), Bakersfield, and Smog City (Fresno). For their travels all-around the state they were rewarded with a promising 5 wins out of 7 games, losing only to Sac City and San Diego, by 9 and 1 points respectively.

Last season the Bruisers played Silicon Valley, Ventura, Sac City B team, Central Coast B team, and the Nor Cal Roller Girls (Chico) losing only to Silicon Valley in a 92 - 75 match.

So these girls as a combined league have a pretty solid record. 12 games, 9 wins, and no blow-outs.

Though they haven't had any official bouts for the 2009 season yet, B.A.D.'s home team The Oakland Outlaws recently scrimmaged Sonoma at their rink last month. And we lost. By like 30 points. I'm sure my sister Rollella will be able to post the actual score in the comments. Thanks for rubbing it in, Sis. I like to say that we didn't field our absolute best team possible for the scrimmage but my sister likes to point out that Sonoma didn't either. It's a sore subject for us.

Part of the reason that Sonoma has been so succesful is that they have a naturally talented group of core jammers. The Teacher is well known for being their starting jammer and occassionally jamming back to back when needed. She may be the face of their team (and the voice, the high-pitched voice) Other jamers include: Phantom Paine aka PePe and new jammer All On Ya. PePe is again, a total natural. She skates fluidly and quickly. She doesn't struggle with penalties and she always looks composed and graceful. All On Ya was a bit of a surprise to me. She came out of nowhere! She's super aggressive as a jammer. Also jamming for the Homewreckers is longtime and consistent point scorer High Roller.

In the pack, Sonoma has some really noticable good blockers. The first that comes to mind is their pivot Scait Riot. She is the kind of positional defensive body blocker that someone like me has to yell "CAN I GET A LITTLE HELP UP HERE!?" while jamming. Her one-on-one play is tremendous.

Another noticable blocker is league founder D.Enforcer. Watch out for her cause she hits hard! She's tenacious and her shoulder hurts me.

Pain Galaura and Roxy-8-Arrrr are two more players who hound the jammer. They primarily play in the back of the pack and their both on the lookout for that big, take-out hit.

All in all, they are a league to watch for. If your league has a schedule opening and you're looking for a challenge, consider inviting Sonoma. Also, I guarantee you they party/celebrate as hard as they play.

Coming up for them:

Monday March 16th: rematch scrimmage with the Oakland Outlaws at Cal Skate in Rohnert Park.

Saturday March 21st: Wine Country Homewreckers are playing the Emerald City A Team in Eugene, Or. I predict a solid Sonoma victory.

Saturday April 18th: Sonoma home-opener vs Santa Cruz Roller Girls! OMG OMG OMG. Do not make me choose between these teams. Just don't!

Saturday May 16th: Sonoma vs The Chicago Outfit in Chicago! I am coming to this bout!!!!

Santa Cruz Roller Girls lauch new YouTube channel

Now why didn't I think of this?

The Santa Cruz Roller Girls just launched their own YouTube channel.

The channel just went up yesterday and so far there are only three videos on it. Since they will be having their season opener this weekend, I anticipate a lot more videos to come.

May I make a suggestion? Can you add other videos people have uploaded regarding your league? I always liked this one:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sac City Rollers: Friday Night Fights

League: Sac City Rollers
Teams: Sweaty Betties vs. Rude Girls
Date: March 13th, 2009
Time: Doors at 7pm, Bout at 7:30 pm
Location: Foothill Skate Inn - 5700 Auburn Blvd Sacramento, CA

A bout on a Friday night? Inconceivable! I wonder if an event on a Friday night has anything to do with their new venue. All the Sac games I have been to were at the Davis Indoor Sports Center in Davis, CA. Rumor has it that the D.I.S.C. is no longer (Sac, I feel your pain. Our own roller hockey rink practice space has been sold and we will lost it next month. I guess a recession is not a good time for roller hockey!).

But hey, you found yourself a new venue which is *not* easy to do.

Apparently the Sweaty Betties were undefeated all of last year. I'm not too surprised seeing that they have Lil Punk as a jammer. Lil Punk is fast and slippery. I also see that they have Photon Pixie. Now when I've seen her play, she generally works the back of the pack. I think she is well known for riding people all the way out and/or knocking people straight to the ground. I have heard from more than one jammer that Photon is a nightmare to try and pass. The team also included Spankenstein who is a long, long time member of SCR.

Speaking of nightmares, is that Nikki Nightmare I see on the Rude Girls? Nikki is fully saturated in the derby culture. You see her at bouts, parties, rollercon, tournaments. If someone is strapping their skates on, she's there! It appears she is coaching the Rude Girls which I'm sure is a great asset for them to share her knowledge and experience. Purdy Grrl is another longtime Sac girl with a solid reputation as a fast, clean jammer.

I have only ever seen the Sac girls play as an all-star team or separately in pick-ups and scrimmages. While I'm familiar with girls on both sides, I'm not sure I could properly predict a winner. But since I always support the underdog, I'm going to throw my support behind the Rude Girls. Pick it up, pick it up, etc etc.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it out to Sac for this event...unless someone wants to drive? I love carpooling!

Santa Cruz vs L.A. Derby Dolls

League: Santa Cruz Roller Girls and L.A. Derby Dolls
Teams: Santa Cruz All-Stars and L.A. Sirens
Date: March 14th, 2009
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium

All right, this is another bout I can't tell you much about. Now do you see why I'm going to need some help with non-BAD content?

I was really looking forward to going to this. I love the Santa Cruz girls. I love the L.A. team. I love season openers. But it was not to be as I have a different bout to attend this night.

I haven't seen the Sirens play in a long time. Hell, I haven't made it down to L.A. for a dolls game in over a year. I don't know who's playing. But I do know who is not playing: Lacey from "Rock of Love," Kath and/or Kim from "Kath and Kim," or those two dudes from "Psych." Though they have all filmed segments with the Derby Dolls in the past year and I've seen all of this on TV.

So I just looked at the Sirens website. V. Lee and Mila Minute are on this team? Oh snap! I know they're good jammers.

But I know Santa Cruz is good too. I recently skated on a Red Red Holiday team with Raven Von Kaos. And we totally won. So keep that in mind, L.A. My friend Lulu Lockjaw is a badass jammer who wears tiny, tiny shorts. Sometimes shiny shorts. And I'm pleased to see now that they have Hell Louise, an old school transfer from the Sac City Rollers.

All in all, I can't make any predictions. The Sirens are primarily a banked track league from my understanding. I don't know how much experience they have against flat-track teams. Santa Cruz has been racking up exciting wins in their last season. And those SC girls They do all kinds of park skating. And outside scrimmages. And I think they're kind of more hard core than I am.

Again, if anyone from L.A. or Santa Cruz wants to chime in, please do. Unfortunately their wins and losses aren't recorded on FlatTrackStats.

I am super bummed that I am missing this game. I better get some dang text message score updates frequently! No offense, L.A.D.D. but GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SANTA CRUZ!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Oakland Outlaws vs Port City Roller Girls

League: B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls and Port City Roller Girls
Teams: Oakland Outlaws and Rough and Ready Betties
Date: March 21st, 2009
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: San Joaquin County Fairgrounds Bldg#1 1658 South Airport Way Stockton, CA

B.A.D.G.'s home team the Oakland Outlaws will be playing Port City's Rough and Ready Betties in Stockton next weekend.

I don't think a Port City team and a B.A.D. team have ever squared off against each other before. In fact, I am sad to say that I don't know enough about Stockton to write an accurate write-up.

Here's what I do know:

This is Port City's home opener. They don't lose much at home, if at all.
They have a pretty well known 1-2 punch in the jammer rotation in skaters 2Quik and Jamn Jewlz. Other longtime and notable players are Vin "Spin" Dekate, Na-cho Mama, Hott Sake, Sidney Vicious, and Slamher Time. I am unaware of who will be in the line-up. If any Port City players wanna comment and leave more detail, be my guest.

On the other hand, I know Oakland very well :) This game marks the season debut for Burly Bot (formerly Grr Lee Burly) and Lemmy Chokeya who were not rostered for the Oakland home opener last month. The jammers for this team will most certainly include a solid rotation from Burly, Jane Hammer, and Killer Vee (who sucks.).

Speaking of debuts, two Outlaw rookies will be playing in their first team bout that night. Billie Bones and Sharon Needles.

In addition, the roster includes veteran blockers: Jennacologist, La Chica Mala, Flash Morgan, Brick Shields, Sinnacent, Lady Kiss Off, Taxi Scab, and Roughhouse Rhonda. Bench captains for Oakland are Polly Puredread and Chesty Gillespie.

I wish I could provide more of my valuable, timeless, and near perfect insight (har har), I really don't know what to say about this bout. These teams have never met and from what I can tell, have no games against a similar team to compare. But...all I can say is "GO OAKLAND!"

-Killer Vee

Bout Preview: Richmond Wrecking Belles vs S.F. ShEvil Dead

League: B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls
Teams: Richmond Wrecking Belles and S.F. ShEvil Dead
Date: March 14th, 2009
Time: Doors at 6:30 pm, Bout at 8:00 pm
Location: Herbst Pavilion at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco

This Saturday night bout showcases two of B.A.D.'s local home teams, San Francisco vs. Richmond. ShEvil Dead vs. Wrecking Belles. Zombies vs....uh... Belles!

Just three weeks ago, the scrappy SF team took on B.A.D.'s 2008 season champions the Oakland Outlaws. With a 123 - 52 defeat, it gave the Zombies something to think about in the coming weeks before their match with Richmond.

At the end of last season, SF said goodbye to many longtime players: Miss Moxxxie, Terra NuOne, Pia Mess, Exquisite Corpse, Delia Hardknox, Sgt. Bashin' Butter among others. With the recent draft of the leagues new skaters, the Dead are fielding more rookie skaters than the other two teams in the league. Those fresh blood skaters on the bout roster include: Belle Right Hooks, Trixie Pixie, Booyaya!, and Knock Knock. They also picked up an original B.A.D. Travel Team skater Skatzophrenic who recently came out of retirement.

These new skaters have definitely wowed their more experienced leaguemates! I can say from personal experience that they make the opposing jammers job very difficult. With veteran guidance from jammer/blocker superstar Sassy Slayher and all-star players/coaches Motley Cruz and Kimfectious, the team is shaping up to be harder, faster, and more aggressive.

What can you say about the Richmond Wrecking Belles? They have a pretty damn good track record. Although they eventually lost to Oakland in the 2008 Championsip game (90 -79), they went *undefeated* in their first year as a team in 2007.

This year Richmond has a slightly different line-up than their fans may be used to. They lost their beloved skaters Cutthroat Cathy and Mandi Festo to retirement. They also lost frequent jammer Diane Rott to...Germany. We miss you, Rotty! For their first game of the season, they will also be without star jammer Racey Lane.

But Richmond fans should not fret! With last years mid-season addition of Sacred transfer Brawllen Angel and frequent jammers Friskie Meow and Golden Skate Warrior on the roster, their jamming rotation is flush with talent.

With hard hitters Liza Machete and Demanda Riot in the Richmond pack, this bout is sure to be full of big blocks and a ramped-up audience!

Faces to look for:

Teeny, tiny SF jammer Trixie Pixie! She is fast and elusive.
Big hits from SF blocker Messy Jessy.
Wardrobe malfunction from the always-stylish Coco Motion!
Super aggressive tenacity from Wrecking Belle Velveteen Savage.
Slippery jamming from Astronaughty.
All-over awesomeness from Sassy Slayher and Demanda Riot.

Tickets for this bout are still available for this bout at

First Post! First Post!

Welcome to NorCalRollerDerby!

I'm not sure how to start off this inaugural post for the new blog. It's a little intimidating. Maybe introductions are in order?

I'm Killer Vee and I play with the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls. I've been skating with the league since June 2005. In the last four years, I've watched the sport of roller derby EXPLODE! I remember when B.A.D.G. was the only flat-track league in the state of California (with the banked track league the L.A. Derby Dolls being the first to bring back derby on the West Coast).

Since that time, we have seen leagues spring up all over the state/country/world. While there are other and more throrough, and professional sites around that go into far greater detail (I'm looking at you, DNN!), I wanted to create a place where I could talk about and read about the local home teams. Leagues like: BADG, Sacred, Santa Cruz, Sonoma, Sac, Silicon Valley, Port City, Humboldt, Tahoe, Reno, Central Coast, etc.

Ideally, I'm hoping that people will follow the blog and start to contribute their own content. I'd love to see previews and recaps of all local games. Pictures and video! Stats! Promotion! Other....uhhh....stuff!

I know it will take a while to get off the ground but spread the word to your leaguemates! The 2009 season has basically just begun. Let's get cracking!

-Killer Vee

PS: I am not good with the internetz. Don't expect anything fancy.