Thursday, April 30, 2009

SVRG Double Header

Event: May Day Massacre
Date and Time: May 2nd, 2009, Doors at 6 pm, Bout at 7 pm
Location: San Jose Skate, 397 Blossom Hill Road 95123
Teams: SVRG Killabytes vs Sacred City Disciples & SVRG Dot.Kamikazes vs. SF ShEvil Dead

A double-header! Now there's something you don't see often in Northern California. Knowing how hard and demanding putting on one bout together is, I can't imagine how much work it takes to have two games in one night. But luckily, as a fan, I just get to sit back and watch twice the roller derby!

Dot. Kamikazes vs ShEvil Dead
Saturday night will be a rematch between the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls's home team the San Francisco ShEvil dead and Silicon Valley's A team, the Dot.Kamikazes. They played each other back in October and SF came out with a decisive win with a score of 126 to 55 score.

The SF line-up is noticably different this time around. They will be without jammers Exquisite Corpse and Miss Moxxxie who retired last year. They are also missing blockers Sassy Slayher and Terra NuOne, who transferred to the Chicago Outfit.

However, the SF teams rolls deep with several veteran players and a healthy crop of 2009 rookies who have been steadily increasing their skill and knowledge of the game.

While former SF player Pia Mess will be playing...she'll be playing for Silicon Valley! Pia left B.A.D. last year and has concentrated her efforts in coaching and playing for SVRG who is closer to her home. SVRG is fielding a roster much like the one from October. Almost all the players listed have been skating with the San Jose team for a bit and have a lot of experience.

S.F. ShEvil Dead Roster: Belle RIGHT Hooks / Bliss Bombher / the Dakota Kid /CocoMotion / Kimfectious / Knock Knock / Luv. U Longtime / Messy Jessy / Mexican Jumpin Mean /Minnie Peril /Motley Cruz / Skatzophrenic / Sugar Pusher / Windigo Jones
SVRG Dot.Kamikazes Roster: Rot Wheels / Smack Dahlia / Lipstik Bandita / Mistits / Smashleigh / Terribelle Demise / Skooter Over / Lizaplaooza / Undie Taker / Feisty Irish / Donna Diggler / Pia Mess / Juicy K. Tore / Steffen Razor

Killabytes vs. Disciples

It's often hard to compare two teams who have never played each other before. Sometimes you can look at their individual playing histories and see if they played the same team at some point and judge how close the game may be by how close their scores were against the same team. As far as I can tell, the Killabytes have only played one game as their team is newly formed. So that's out! Back in May 2008, the Disciples played SVRG's A travel team, the Dot.Kamikazes. SVRG breezed through that game with a 123 to 57 win. But it's been a long year and these two teams have changed a lot.

In 2009, the Killabytes won in Fresno against the Valley Fever Roller Derby 150 to 94.

The Disciples have won their last two games. They played the Battle Born Derby Demons in April and won 121 to 52. In October 2008, the Disciples squeaked out a victory against Port City's travel team with a 63 to 44 win.

Sacred City Disciples Roster: Moto Bella / Va Va Voom / C-Notch /Wrench Wench / Whirlda Hurt / Judy Jettison / ChaCha Picante / Pink Devil / Jenegizer Bunny / La Lochahontas / Atilla the Honey / Frida Bandida / Rosie Rampage 1200 / Her Meechness 1209

SVRG Killabytes Roster: Aim de kill / Steph N Razor / Lizapalooza / Scooter Over/ Postal Cervix / Zootown Throwdown /Dirty 30/ Spankin Firecracker / Cyntax / Double Knuckles/ Double Easy/ Bootyvicious / Mauly Anna / Cole Cocked

Thursday, April 23, 2009

This week in Northern California...


There are only two bouts to speak of this weekend. Humboldt Roller Derby will be traveling to Chico to play the Nor Cal Roller Girls. Redding Roller Girls will be hosting the Tahoe Derby Dames.

Silicon Valley Roller Girls will be hosting a fundraiser at Jack's in San Jose:

Sacred City Derby Girls will be Festival de la Familia in Sacramento:

Sac City Rollers will be joining the Rubicon Brewing Company for "Women in Brewing":

Is your league up to something this weekend? Let us know!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sonoma vs Santa Cruz Re-Cap

Leagues: Sonoma County Roller Derby vs. Santa Cruz Roller Girls
Teams: Wine Country Homewreckers vs. SC All Star Travel Team
Date: April 18th, 2009 @ Cal Skate in Rohnert Park, CA
Halftime Score: 103 to 29 Sonoma
Final Score: 167 to 56 Sonoma

I've been tooting the Sonoma County horn for a little while now, but I am ready to publicly say that I think 2009 is the season that Sonoma County will shake-up the rest of California. Unfortunately it looks like the Homewreckers only have games scheduled against Sac City and B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls for the rest of the season. But if they perform well, they will definitely make their mark on the West Coast roller derby scene.

In the beginning of the game, it looked like Sonoma may have some penalty trouble for the night as they skated down one or two players for the entire first four jams. However, the team quickly righted themselves and after that, the penalties for both packs were pretty even.

Even though they were skating in a diminished pack in the beginning, the Sonoma jammers set the speedy, slick tone for the night as they picked up a 34 to 4 point lead in just the first ten minutes of the game. Sonoma's jammers are well know for being fast, agile, and impossible to knock down. I know it throws teams for a loop when they play in the Rohnert Park rink against them. The floor there is very fast and many blockers aren't used to the tempo that Sonoma sets. I know that Santa Cruz got themselves in a little bit of trouble with at least four jammer trips to the box in the first half. But it seems that they adapted to the floor later on as only one jammer went to the box in the second period.

On the Sonoma side, there was a friendly rivalry brewing between jammers The Teacher and Phantom Payne. Phantom Payne barely won the inside competition as she came out with 51 points in nine jams. The Teacher kept right up with 50 points in 10 jams. Phantom Payne captured six lead jammer calls with Teacher taking seven. As you can see, these two powerhouse jammers are neck and neck with each other and their team definitely benefits!

All On Ya jammed seven times and picked up 14 points. She picked up an impressive five lead jammer calls. For most of the second period All On Ya worked in the pack as a voracious blocker and at the end of the night, she was rewarded with an MVP trophy for her team.

A pleasant surprise for the night came in dedicated blocker Scait Riot when she donned the jammer cap three times and ended up with an incredible 26 points. In the second to last jam in the second period, she scored 20 points which definitely pumped up the crowd.

Also scoring for Sonoma was High Roller with a consistent 22 points in three jams and U Wish Trish with four points in one jam. D. Enforcer and Lady Sparks took a turn but were kept off the scoreboard.

The scoring superstar for Santa Cruz was jammer Candie Hooligan. Candie participated in 14 jams and took in 32 points and five lead jammer calls. With more than half of her teams points, Candie Hooligan received an MVP award for Santa Cruz.

While Sonoma concentrated mostly on three super-star jammers, Santa Cruz spread out the jamming duties a little more. Kicken Red Vixen had 10 points in three jams, Sheila Princess of Power had seven points in eight jams, Shamrock N Roller had four points in two jams, and Lulu Lockjaw took three points in seven jams. Pippi Hardsocking also jammed three times but was shut down in the scoring department.

One thing about this game that made me so happy was how clean and controlled everyone was. The reffing was near flawless (mark that down, you won't hear me say it again). The jams were quick and clean. There were only two jams in the entire night where no lead jammer was called. There were no dirty plays, no temper tantrums, no drama. Everyone just did their job and kept their cool.

Not only that but there were no weak links! I tried to take notes on all the big hits or the containing of a jammer and my notebook quickly filled up with names. I marked down big hits for D.Enforcer, Big Nick, Pain Galaura, Rowdy Roughrider, Raven Von Kaos, and Pippi Hardsocking. I had jammer take downs noted for Lulu Lockjaw, Brawley Parton, Eden Yourheartout, and Honey D. Luxe. I noted jammer containment and re-engagement by Scait Riot, Roxy 8 Arr, Hell Louise, Rosie Road Rash, and Foxee Firestorm. Everyone was involved and everyone played a role.

All in all, this was a very classy game. I have major respect for Santa Cruz. I know it's easy to get demoralized when things start to go haywire. But it really feels like they came out after halftime with a renewed mentality and purpose. They were able to cut down the points Sonoma scored almost in half in the second part of the game. Every team suffers a big loss at some point or another. It truly becomes a learning experience and it reflects the mental strength of your team if you can calmly take stock of what happened and then shake it off at the after party (and there was plenty of shaking at the Karaoke bar after party!).

Upcoming games for the team teams are:
Sonoma vs The Outfit in Chicago on May 16th
Santa Cruz vs ? on May 16th in Santa Cruz

Sonoma County Roster: All On Ya / Big Nick / D.Enforcer / High Roller/ Honey D. Luxe / Lady Sparks / Pain Galuara / Phantom Payne / Rosie Road Rash / Roxy 8-ARRR / Scait Riot / Seam Ripper / The Teacher / U Wish Trish

Santa Cruz Roster: Brawley Parton / Candie Hooligan / Cleopatra Catastrophe / Eden Youheartout / Foxee Firestorm / Hell Louise / Kicken Red Vixen / Lulu Lockjaw / Pippi Hardsocking / Raven Von Kaos / Rowdy Roughrider / Roxy Scarmichael / Shamrock n Roller / Sheila Princess of Power

Nor Cal Weekend Scores

Scores for the weekend of April 18th - April 19th 2009

Port City Roller Girls 82 vs. Derby Revolution of Bakersfield 38

Sonoma County Roller Derby 167 vs Santa Cruz Roller Girls 56

Sacred City Sacrificers 148 vs Slaughter County Roller Vixens 82

Sacred City Disciples 121 vs Battle Born Derby Demons 52

B.A.D.G. All-Stars 138 vs A.C.D.G. Scarlets 82

Friday, April 17, 2009

Are you guys trying to kill me?

How many bouts are happening this weekend?

I had every intention to write a pre-view of everything happening on saturday but I just realized it's Friday afternoon and it's probably pointless. So let's just do a little summary.

1. Port City vs Derby Revolution of Bakersfield

BeBe Brewski is back in Stockton and playing for her old team. The new Bakersfield league with the not-so-new players is missing Ima Blowbya but is rejoined by Bonecrusher who took some time off last season. Port City had lost to the original BRG in 2007.

2. Sac City Rollers vs. Central Coast Roller Derby
Should be a good match-up in Sacramento! I think Central Coast will pull out the win though.

3. Sacred City Sacrificers vs Slaughter County Roller Vixens

I don't know much about Slaughter County (Washington) but I loooooooove Sacred! Slaughter County narrowly beat Emerald City a few weeks ago. Emerald City, as we know, narrowly beat Sonoma last month. Though Sonoma and Sacred have never had an official game, their recent scrimmage was a very tight score. I'm calling the game for Sacred but I know it won't be easy.

4. Sacred City Disciples vs Battle Born Derby Demons

Part Two of the Sacred City double header! Don't know anything about the Reno team and can't find any scores on their website! Which reminds me...put bout scores on your websites or myspaces people! Let the public know how you did even if they couldn't make it out that night!

5. Sonoma County Roller Derby vs. Santa Cruz Derby Girls

I'm going to be at this game and attempt to take notes! I'm not allowed to pick a side (which is probably a good thing!) but this should be a GREAT game and I'm super excited for it.

I should have all the scores for you guys by Sunday! Have fun at whatever bout you end up watching!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Leagues: B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls vs. Angel City Derby Girls
Teams: B.A.D. All-Stars vs Hollywood Scarlets
Date & Time: April 18th, 2009 6:30 pm
Location: Toyota Sports Center - El Segundo, CA

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned Nor Cal/So Cal rivalry? No matter what the sport, these two regions love to battle each other. At any sporting event in the Bay Area, the crowd loves to taunt "Beat L.A. , Beat L.A. !" whenever a Los Angeles team is in town. Flat track roller derby is no exception!

The B.A.D. Girls All-Star team has met with ACDG's travel team twice before. Their first bout was in October 2007 where the long-established Nor Cal league absolutely dominated the Los Angeles crew in a 126 to 8 (yes, EIGHT) victory.

Their second meeting was in April 2008 for the first annual "Big One" tournament in Davis, Ca. The two teams played a 20 minute mini-bout in the first round. BADG again took the win with a 53 - 12 score and eventually win on to win the tournament and ACDG took home third place.

The B.A.D. Girls travel team has been laying low since their fifth/sixth place finish at the 2008 WFTDA National Tournament in November. Before that, they notched wins against Sacred City, Duke City, Rose City, Tucson, Minnesota and Houston in the past year. This will be their first bout of the season.

In March alone ACDG's all-star team skated away with two clear-cut victories against the OC Roller Girls (161 to 69) and Arizona Roller Derby (137 to 62). They are currently ranked sixth in the WFTDA's Western Region.

The teams look a little different now than their previous meetings so it's hard to tell if this game will be another BADG blow-out or if the So Cal team has caught up to their older derby sisters. The only skaters from the Bay Area who have previously played ACDG both times are Sassy Slayher, Taxi Scab, Liza Machete, and Lusty Malice. Polly Puredread, Velveteen Savage, and Burly Bot have played one game against the Scarlets.

Suprisingly missing from the BADG roster is blocking maniac Demanda Riot. The team is also missing several of their core veteran members from last years team who have either retired (Miss Moxxxie, Mandi Festo, and Kitt Turbo), moved on (Pia Mess and Diane Rott), or are currently on a break (Killer Vee and Racey Lane).

BADG is happy to welcome back blocker/jammer hybrid Polly Puredread who was on maternity leave for much of the 2008 season. Filling out the rosters for the all-stars are long-time league members Diva Negativa, Nina Beretta, and Golden Skate Warrior. Though they may be new to the travel team, they are far from rookie skaters.

It appears that ACDG also has a lot of new faces on their team as well as this author recognizes just a handful of names from previous games. Some of these new faces are actually transfers from other leagues like Cherrylicious (Charm City) and Nutcase (Prison City). But the veteran team members who stand out are Estro Jen, Diesel, Hard Cora, Ms. D'Fiant, Holly Caust, and VaVaVa Gina. Notable missing from the roster is jammer Fighty and players Dia Blow and Dutchess Von Damn.

The people in El Segundo on Saturday night are definitely in for a show. A WFTDA sanctioned game among two teams in the same region is always a reason for the skaters to perform their best. Also skating that night is the ACDG team the Rocket Queens vs Inland Empire.

BADG Roster: Astronaughty / Brawllen Angel / Burly Bot / Diva Negativa / Friskie Meow / Golden Skate Warrior / Jane Hammer / Liza Machete / Lusty Malice / Nina Beretta / Polly Puredread / Sassy Slayher / Taxi Scab / Velveteen Savage

ACDG Roster: Alotta Trouble / Cherrylicious / Diesel / Estro Jen / Felony Friendly / Go-Go Gidget / Hard Cora / Holly Caust / Ms. D'Fiant / Nutcase / Selacidal / Shiv / VaVaVa Gina

SVRG vs SCR re-cap

Event: Spring Beating April 11th, 2009
Leagues: Silicon Valley Roller Girls vs. Sac City Rollers
Halftime Score: 57 to 54 SCR
Final Score: 97 to 84 SVRG

You would think that since this bout was the first bout of the season that I wasn't playing in or working at, I would have lots of notes and observations since I had nothing to do but watch. You thought wrong! I brought neither a pen nor a piece of paper. Because I am dumb. And totally new to this "re-cap" thing.

Part of the reason I didn't retain any useful information is because I was yelling my fool head off the whole game. Poor Matty was stuck between me and Lulu Lockjaw during the bout. I bet his ears are still ringing.

I was shouting and hollering so much because it was such a *close* and frustrating game. While I don't have an official scoring report, the game was rarely ever more then ten-ish points apart. Sac had the lead, then SVRG had the lead, then Sac, then SVRG, etc etc.

I say the game was frustrating because it seemed like on both sides there was a lack of team unity. A lot of players playing as individuals. And when it's a team of individuals on the floor, individual holes open up and disciplined play goes out the window. I know that SVRG is still relatively new to the scene but Sac has been around literally twice as long. I personally felt that both teams needed more work on their defense. It was, at times, painful to watch. Nothing makes me cringe more than to watch a jammer just shrug off a little hit and move on out while the player trying to stop them ends up on the floor. The only thing that makes me cringe more is watching a blocker trying to coast across the rink to try and tap a sprinting jammer. You need to move your feet when a jammer is approaching! No sliding!

But enough about that! Let's talk about the good! Smack Dahlia. How tall is she? Sheesh. I'd have to say, unofficially of course, that she got the most points for SVRG. She jammed about ten times and got around 33 points.

Lil Punk was SCR's main point-scorer in the first period. She got 31 points in 6 jams for the first half. I don't know what happened to her in the second period, but Purdy Grrl took over the scoring lead with 16 points in 6 jams.

In the pack, veteran skater Pia Mess put on a hell of a show for her San Jose fans. She was probably the stand-out blocker when she was in the pack and she also did well as a jammer. She had hard hits and continuous force-outs. On the Sac side, I'd say most of the heavy-lifting was done by Spankenstein and Stinger. Spanky was frequently the only SCR player remaining at the front of the pack trapping the opposing jammer.

There is just one more thing I want to say. The last jam. SCR's jammer Purdy Grrl is in the box, I think Smack Dahlia is jamming for SVRG. It's literally the last jam. It could go up to two minutes even after the time on the clock has ticket off. SVRG is ahead before it starts by maybe 6 points. Something like that. Smack's doing her thing, trying to get some points, and Purdy Grrl is released from the penalty box. And she starts....TO PLAY DEFENSE IN THE PACK?! WHAAAAAAAT?!

It is the last opportunity in the game to score points. The other team already has the lead. The only thing you can do is try to score in an attempt to maybe tie the game or win it. It is not impossible! To go out there and play defense as a jammer in the last jam with just a 6 point deficit is....insane.

Remember Nationals last year? When BAD was down 19 points in the last jam against Philly? And Kitt Turbo scored 19 points and the Philly jammer went to the box? And everyone thought the game was tied at 103 - 103? THINGS LIKE THAT CAN HAPPEN! Don't play as a defensive jammer in the last jam when you have even the slightest chance of making a comeback. Ever.

Congratulations on your victory, SVRG! I'm optimistic that the remaining games of the season will be less nerve-racking than your season opener. And I will see you on May 2nd when you take on the San Francisco ShEvil Dead!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

April Foul's Bout Re-Cap

League: B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls
Teams: Oakland Outlaws vs. Richmond Wrecking Belles
Halftime Score: 51 to 48 Richmond
Final Score: 120 to 104 Richmond

It's very hard for me to review a game I was playing in. Especially since I am not on the winning team! Sure, I want to talk about the times I felt I got jobbed by a ref. Sure, I want to point out things the other teams did that I didn't think was right. Sure, I want to complain that I don't think some of the scoring was accurate.

But at the end of the day, these are still my league-mates and my league refs. It's personally very, very hard for me to be objective and not let my emotions cross-over in my writing. And I would be foolish to turn this into a rant. So I will keep this as brief and as official as I possibly can. I have to keep reminding myself that this was a tough, close, emotional game for everyone involved. The score was often no more than a handful of points apart. Somebody had to eventually win. So what if it's not me? I'm ok with that! Or at least, I'm learning to be ok with that.

So here's just the facts (and maybe a little bit of opinion too!):

The big scorers for the night were Brawllen Angel for Richmond and Jane Hammer for Oakland.

Brawllen had an impressive 56 in points in 17 jams, averaging 3.29 points per jam. She received lead jammer 11 times out of those 17 attempts earning her a respectful 65 % and only took a seat in the penalty box one time in the entire game.

Jane Hammer took home an equally impressive 45 in 15 jams, averaging an even 3.0 points per jam. Hammer garnered only five lead jams out of her 15 tries and was sent to the penalty box twice during the game. One wonders if Hammer could have scored even more points if she participated in as many jams as Brawllen Angel did and received more lead jammer calls and less time in the penalty box?

Also scoring for Richmond were: Golden Skate Warrior (33 points in 11 jams), Velveteen Savage (20 points in 8 jams), and Astronaughty (11 points in 10 jams).

Jamming for Oakland was: Killer Vee (26 points in 13 jams), Burly Bot (24 points in 16 jams), and Polly Puredread (11 points in 1 jam).

Oakland blocker Taxi Scab had an impressive night in the back of the pack. She skated in 31 jams and came out a +25 for the night. Her teammates Roughhouse Rhonda (+4) and Deadly Nightshade (+3) also came out with plus ratings in 28 and 25 jams respectively.

The Richmond blockers with the most effective play were long-time local favorites, Roxie the Riveter and Demanda Riot. Demanda is well known in the international derby community. She skated in a staggering 37 jammers and ended up with a +24, despite sitting in the penalty box five times.

Roxie the Riveter, who has been with B.A.D. since it's inception, did the best out of all blockers on Richmond. She was +29 in 15 jams and only sat in the penalty box one time. Ladies and gentlemen, this is no fluke! She was also the most effective blocker in their last game versus the S.F. ShEvil Dead. She is certainly a quieter skater who is horribly underrated and underappreciated.

To take a page from my fellow blogger, Elwood Bruise, I'd like to announce the Truly B.A.D. Girls of the game:

1. Liza Machete. With seven majors and 10 minor penalties, Liza was sent to the penalty box TEN times in 37 jams!

2. La Chica Mala. Mala had five majors and 12 minors in 38 jams. She saw the penalty box eight times that night.

3. Golden Skate Warrior. Though there may have been other players who ended up in the penalty box more than GSW, she was sent off five times in only 11 jams. Four majors and four minors.

Well! That's it! Congratulations to the Richmond Wrecking Belles! We'll get you next time....

Help Needed

I need a slogan.

I'm planning on being in Chicago next month to see Sonoma take on the Outfit. Since I will be one of the few people in the crowd cheering for the visiting team, I want to make it really well known that I am a California derby girl.

So I'd like to make a custom shirt. With a catchy slogan. And that saying could be the official slogan for this blog.

But I can't think of anything! Seriously. The only thing I have so far is "Nor Cal does it better." Which is....blah.

Please submit any suggestions you may have in the comments!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Beating: SVRG vs. SCR

Event: Spring Beating

Leagues: Silicon Valley Roller Girls vs. Sac City Rollers

Teams: SVRG Dot Kamikazes vs. SCR Punishers

Date: April 11th, 2009

Time: Doors at 6 pm, Bout at 7pm

Location: SJ Skate 397 Blossom Hill Road San Jose, Ca

This bout marks the 2009 Season Opener for home team SVRG. However, their A travel team the Dot. Kamikazes started their own season with an away game is Paso Robles, CA against the WFTDA league, Central Coast Roller Derby. The final score for that bout was 80 - 55 CCRD.

Sac's travel team, the Punishers, have not yet played this 2009 season.

SCR Roster: Minnie Malice / H N ICY / La Lucha / Spankenstein / Destruct-O / Mazal Tough Cocktail / Lou Syd Scream / Sweet Cheeks / Scandaliz / Lil' Punk / Stinger / Purdy Grrrl / Fastlane Fanny

SVRG Roster: Smack Dahlia / Smashleigh / Savannah / Lipstick Bandita / Rot Wheels / Donna Digler / Terribelle Demise / Mistits / Pia Mess / Lindsay Lohanded / Lizapalooza / Steffanrazor / Bootyvicious / Skooter Over

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nor Cal Weekend Scores

Scores for the weekend of April 4th - 5th, 2009

B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls: Richmond Wrecking Belles 120 vs. Oakland Outlaws 106.

Santa Cruz Roller Girls: Beachflat Betties 130 vs Lost Girls 101

Silicon Valley Roller Girls and Valley Fever Roller Girls: SVRG Killabytes 150 vs Valley Fever 94

Friday, April 3, 2009


Leagues: Sacred City Derby Girls vs Central Coast Roller Derby
Date: March 28th, 2009
Final Score: 103 to 48 Sacred

**This re-cap was written by Sacred's very own Mathemortician. There were some edits done by Killer Vee**

CCRD and Sacred have always had a really great relationship. They have met on the track twice: once in 2007 and again on March 28, 2009. Both games resulted wins for Sacred City with the 2007 bout having a 122 - 56 win.

Central Coast came with some strong teamwork and smart pack playing. They lead with Lacey Thunderware in front and Berta the Hurta in the back of the pack, which is a strong combination. Regular jammers Hillfire, Resident Vixen and Pow Ow played predominantly in the pack, which was a surprise as Sacred expected to see them donning the jammer star. However, Hill Fire did jam frequently in the first period. After gathering 4 cutting the track majors, Hill Fire spent the second period playing the role of the pivot.

Central Coast jammers were: April Fool's (15 points in 4 jams), C. J. Hooker (10 points in 11 jams), Ivantor (9 points in 7 jams), LoMag (6 points in 3 jams), Hill Fire (4 points in 11 jams), and Resident Vixen (4 points in 3 jams).

And for Sacred: Her Meechness (25 points in 8 jams), Rosie Rampage (22 points in 7 jams), Cash Money (22 points in 10 jams), Candy Crusher (19 points in 11 jams), Mugshot Mary (12 points in 6 jams), and Gangstalicious (3 points in 1 jam).

This was Mugshot Mary's first game this season after recovering from an injury last year. Rosie Rampage and Her Meechness both stepped up their performance after a difficult time navigating Orange County's pack at the Sacred season opener in February.

Notable heavy hitters were Shadow Soldier, Mathemortician, and Vava Voom for Sacred and Berta the Hurta and Mac-Attack from Central Coast. Slingshot had a solid night as a defensive pivot for Sacred as well. Overall, it turned out to be a defensive blocker's game with low scoring and many shut out jams.

CCRD Rosters: April Fools / BadAss Blondie / Berta The Hurta / CJ Hook-Her / Hill Fire / Ivanator / Lacy Thunderware / Lo Mag / Mac Attack / Metal Mellisha / Pow-Ow / Resident Vixen / Submiss / Zona Hussy

Sacred Rosters: Candy Crusher / Cash Money / Chica Loca / C-Notch / Frida Bandida / Gangstalicious / Her Meechness / Mathemortician / Mugshot Mary / Rosie Rampage / Shadow Soldier / Slingshot / Teenie Meenie / VaVa Voom

April 4th, 2009 April Foul's Bout

League: B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls

Teams: Oakland Outlaws vs Richmond Wrecking Belles

Date: April 4th, 2009

Time: Doors at 6:30 pm, Bout at 8:00 pm

Location: Fort Mason Center Herbst Pavilion in San Francisco, CA

Grudge match! The last time these two teams faced off was in November 2008 for the season championship. The Outlaws pulled out the win that night with a 90 to 79 score in a close back-and-fourth game. In the 2008 season, the two teams met three times. Both teams won one of those battles before going into the Championship. In this current match-up, Oakland is looking to solidify their championship winning status as Richmond is looking to settle the score.

Since the Wrecking Belles 2007 rookie season, they have been known for their quick and aggressive defense. A large part of the B.A.D. all-star team blockers are taken from Richmond's core starting blockers (Liza Machete, Demanda Riot, Velveteen Savage, and Lusty Malice). Anytime you play against Richmond, you are guaranteed a very physical and very frustrating game.

Last season, Oakland was more well known for their independent jammers and their stellar scoring streaks. The leagues top two jammers last year were Oakland players Kitt Turbo and Burly Bot. This season, Kitt Turbo is retired and Burly Bot is now being helped out on the jammer line by up and coming all-star Jane Hammer and ex-pack player Killer Vee.

To say that both teams are excited about this game would be a gross understatement. This bout will set the tone for these two rivals for the rest of the year. Both teams are looking to prove themselves on Saturday night and whichever team gains the win may also gain the momentum for the rest of the season. It's sure to be an exciting and unpredictable bout.

Oakland Roster: Bad Ass Mo' Foe / Brick Shields / Burlybot / Deadly Nightshade / Franknhurter / Jane Hammer / Jennacologist / Killer Vee / La Chica Mala / Lady K.O. / Lemmy Chokeya / Polly Puredread / Roughhouse Rhonda /Taxi Scab

Richmond Roster: Astronaughty / Brawllen Angel / Chantilly Mace / Demanda Riot / Diva Negativa / Friskie Meow / Golden Skate Warrior / J Crush / Liza Machete / Luda Kris / Lusty Malice / Nina Beretta / Roxie the Riveter / Velveteen Savage

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Santa Cruz vs. Santa Cruz

League: Santa Cruz Roller Girls
Teams: The Lost Girls vs. The Beach Flat Betties
Location: Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium
Date: April 4th, 2009
Time: Doors at 5:30, bout at 6:30

HEY SANTA CRUZ! STOP HAVING THINGS WHEN I HAVE THINGS! God dang, guys. Our first three events of the season have directly conflicted with each other. Even your away bout on the 18th is on the same night our travel team plays ACDG in So Cal. SHEESH.


Two of SCRG's three home teams will be playing each other this Saturday. The Lost Girls and The Beach Flat Betties. I don't know the history between these two teams but I do know the roster!

The Beach Flat Betties:

Lulu Lockjaw - Captain

Roxy Scarmicheal - Co Captain

Allda Rage

Blonde Claude Van Damme

Cinzilla - Injured

Foxee Firestorm

Kicken Red Vixen

Kiki Clash

Mojo Vixen

Pippi Hardsocking

Rowdy Roughrider

Shamrock N Roller

The Lost Girls

Eden Yourheartout - Captain

Raven Von Kaos - Captain

Candie Hooligan - Co Captain

Brawley Parton

Cleopatra Catastrophe

Hallie Pena Popper

Hell Louise ( Countess Weezy)

Liv N Letdie


Pixi Painful

Salt Ann Battery

Sheila Princess of Power

SVRG vs Valley Fever

Leagues: Silicon Valley Roller Girls v Valley Fever Roller Derby
Teams: SVRG Killabytes v VFRD
Date: April 4th, 2009
Location: Fresno, CA

Silicon Valley's brand-spankin'-new B team, the Killabytes, will be traveling to Fresno this weekend to battle the Valley Fever Roller Derby.

The Valley Fever girls, as I understand it, are a brand new league that was born from a split league. From what I hear, this is their first bout as a league. The event is appropriately named "First Blood." Some of the girls are on the roster seem to be former Smog City skaters but most of the names are unfamiliar to me.

Now, when it comes to Fresno...I got nothing. I didn't even know there was a split! Apparently the original Fresno league Smog City is now defunct and there are two new leagues in that area, the Valley Fever and No-Town.

Huh. Interesting.

Silicon Valley's team, the Killabytes, are playing their first bout as a team. They are technically the traveling B team for the league but the roster includes some skaters from their A team, the Dot Kamikazes.

The girls are being currently being coached by veteran B.A.D. retirees Pandamonium and Pia Mess along with current B.A.D. All-star Brawllen Angel. Also rounding out the coaching for the San Jose team is Denny aka Left Turn Only. So they've gotten plenty of wisdom and advice from these four. LTO and Pandamonium will be bench coaching for the team this weekend in Fresno.

Good luck to both new teams in their bout this Saturday! I'm sure I'll have a brief score update for you by Sunday :)