Monday, October 12, 2009



I announced my first bout over the weekend! Battle Born Derby Demons vs. Sonoma County Roller Derby. It was a lot of fun. And I would totally do it again! Any leagues out there need an announcer for a bout? You let me know!

I talked a little too much, said some things that weren't actually true, and sometimes messed up some pronounciation. But it was my first time and I know I'll be better next time! Now I know what to expect!

I was happy I was able to pull out some quick, on the fly jokes every know and then. I was worried I wouldn't know what to say but things just came pouring out.

I almost feel like practicing announcing now! Maybe I'll go home and watch some bout footage I have and announce over it.

Retirement from BADG:

So after skating on two leagues for the season, I decided one had to do. I didn't feel particularly burned out. I just couldn't really deal with paying dues for both leagues and having to cross bridges and drive 30+ miles for every practice. And I was starting to really feel some not happy feelings towards BADG. I just didn't feel like I fit in with that system anymore AT ALL. I didn't feel connected and I didn't feel inspired.

I decided to file for retirement from the league. I'd been skating with them for over 4 years. Our policy had always been that anyone could retire if they maintained 50 % attendance for two years.

But my application was denied! Because I am going to continue skating for another league. I never said I wanted to retire from roller derby. I said I wanted to retire from the BADG league! So, being the little scrapper that I am, I am trying to appeal. I checked the handbook, it doesn't say anything about what you choose to do in your skating career after you leave BADG. And in the bylaws, the wording of a policy can't be changed unless the whole league votes on it (a process that will take probably a few weeks). Therefore, I should be granted retiree status, right? RIGHT!

What I choose to do with another league after leaving BADG shouldn't really be an issue, in my opinion. They are two completely organizations..

Anyways, it's little stuff like that which makes my reason to leave BADG all the more clear. I've been with the league for almost five years. I skated on the travel team for every season except for the last. I've always been overactive in my committee work. I have never had less than the minimum required attendance. I have busted my ass for YEARS. And then to be told I can't be allowed to retire from their league? It just seems spiteful. So I'm leaving because I'm not happy there. Does that mean that everything I've worked for should just be dismissed? This should be a drama-free parting. Sheesh.

On a lighter note...


A open non-team tournament in HAWAII? Ugh, I so want to be there. The tourny itself is only $35 and I have some relatives in Honolulu that I may be able to stay with. I could just never afford the plane ticket. I need to seriously brainstorm some personal derby fundraising activities.

What to do, What to do?


Pia Mess said...

I support you Vee.... and I am 90% sure I will be at S808...but its 09 this year! :) ~ Pia

Killer Vee said...

Thanks Pia! I hope I see you in Hawaii :)

Sandra said...

I've never heard of needing approval from a league to retire. What is the penalty if you just stop showing up? Are you signed to a contract of some kind?

Killer Vee said...

Sandra, every league has their own policies regarding what they do when a player does not want to play anymore. I am not going to be penalized for not showing up, they will just considered me a skater who quit. By not granting me Retiree status, I don't get the perks that retiree have, such as getting into events for free and being able to come back and skate at practice once or twice a month for free.

Oh well!

Sandra said...

I get it. It's a way to leave on good terms and still be involved in the league in some capacity if you'd like to be.

It doesn't sound like you'd really like to be...but still. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...
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sashay said...

if you're still skating with another league, wouldn't that be a transfer and not retirement?

Killer Vee said...

Sorry everyone, I'm not usually into censorship but I had to delete a comment there for a hot second. I'm not going to allow anonymous comments that slander my character and are just downright rude on my own blog.

If you'd like to be mean to me, then please don't do so anonymously. It's just childish.

Killer Vee said...


Well, like I said several times, I was retiring from the organization. Not retiring from skating. I see it as two distinctly different things. Pro athletes have retired numbers for long-time members of their teams even after they left for another team or retired and then started playing again down the line.

We would still call you a retired referee from BAD even though you skate for Sacred now...