Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Website? What website?!

You want to know a derby pet peeve of mine? Bad or inactive websites!

For my bout previews and recaps, I link to every league I mention. I pull pictures or logos from their websites. I try to look for past scores.

When you have a freaking MYSPACE instead of a website? That is unacceptable! What are you, 13?! You're a freaking business. Be accessible. Have a website.

And what the fuck is up with leagues not putting their scores from their bouts on their website?!? You don't think people might want to know the outcome of your games?

It doesn't do much to encourage the validty of the sport when your game results are an afterthought to your Metal-Themed Team Glamour Shots.

Every league website should have a "Scoreboard" section where they have the official score and date of every bout they have ever played!

I know we have Derby News Network. I know we have Derbymatic. But when your podunk league doesn't submit scores to either of those websites they can't update the scores.

Stop sucking, people. Get a designated web master to update your website monthly, if not weekly. If no one on your league is capable of that, hire somebody to do it. Hell, hire a kid in high school. Kids want the experience, have a lot of the knowledge, and you can probably pay them cheaply. If you can't afford to pay someone, ask someone to do it for free and then put ads for them on the website and in the programs for your bout.


nocklebeast said...

it wouldn't be a sport if ya didn't keep score.

Lulu Lockjaw said...

Its amazing!

Just sayin'!