Wednesday, May 6, 2009

B.A.D. All Stars vs Rat City!

Event: B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls All-Stars vs. Rat City Roller Girl All-Stars
Date and Time: May 9th, 2009 - Doors at 6:30 pm, Bout at 8 pm
Location: Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco CA

On Saturday night the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls are hosting their first inter league bout in San Francisco! They will be taking on the notoriously fast and hard-hitting Seattle team, the Rat City Roller Girls.

The last time these two teams met was in June 2008. Rat City started off the night with a commanding lead. At one point in the first half, B.A.D. was down by 45 points. But they rallied back and the game ended in a much closer 93 - 88 win for Rat City. In their previous match-up, Rat City beat the Bay Area team 112 - 25 at the 2007 WFTDA Western Regional Tournament. The two teams also played against each other in a 2006 mini-bout at Bumberbout. Not surprisingly, Rat City also won that one with a score of 68 - 13.

I'm sure that B.A.D. would absolutely *love* to notch their first victory over the Seattle crew. Though they have fallen to Rat City three times before, B.A.D. is currently ranked #1 in the WFTDA Western region while Rat City is ranked #5. This bout can go one of two ways: B.A.D. can get their first win against the legendary Rat City and assert their position at the top of the west, OR, Rat City can win and launch their 2009 comeback campaign to regain their status as the most feared team on the West Coast.

The teams look a little different since the last time they squared off. Though neither team is fielding any rookie skaters, their rosters are noticeably different. B.A.D.G. is skating with only eight girls from their 2008 team. Rat City is skating with just six players from last years bout against Bay Area.

The notorious trio of blonde sisters (Blonde N Bichin', D-Bomb, and Femme Fatale) have moved on to either retirement or the Oly Rollers. But the team has filled out their roster with the worthy additions.

On the B.A.D. side, they lost last years skaters Pia Mess, Mandi Festo, Killer Vee, and Racey Lane. Luckily they were able to add veteran skaters Friskie Meow, Diva Negativa, Polly Puredread, Jane Hammer, Astronaughty and Nina Beretta.

No matter what the outcome is in this game, the people of the San Francisco Bay Area are the ultimate winners. This will be the first time that the casual and/or die-hard local fans will get a real look at top-tier nationally competitive roller derby. I, of course, am rooting for a good night for the B.AD. Girls...but a close, exciting, unpredictable game wouldn't be so bad either :)

B.A.D.G. Roster: Astronaughty / Brawllen Angel / Burly Bot / Demanda Riot / Diva Negativa / Friskie Meow / Jane Hammer / Liza Machete / Lusty Malice / Nine Beretta / Polly Puredread / Sassy Slayher / Taxi Scab / Velveteen Savage

R.C.R.G. Roster: Anya Heels / Astroglide / Carmen Getsome / Darth Skater / Deadly Aim / Georgia O'Grief / Hideous Braxley / Juliet Bravo / Katarina Whip / Rebel Belle / Summer Assault / Swede Hurt / Valtron 3000 / Wile E. Peyote


Yi-Nan said...

They lost Killer Vee? What happened to you?

Anyway, I have been looking forward to this one for a long time. Hope to see you there!

Btw, Pia is bringing the Sockit Wenches to SVRG's practice the next day. I'm super excited that I get to meet some of my favorite skaters!

Anonymous said...

B A Y - A R E A A A A A !!!!!!!!!!!!

Southbayfan said...

So nervous.
So very nervous,
So very very nervous,
So very very very nervous!

Janna said...

bullcrap southbay. show some faith. be excited, not nervous!!!! B A Y- A R E A A A A !!!!! is right!!

Lulu Lockjaw said...

Matty and I will be there!

BeBe Brewski said...

I can't wait!!!!!

Taxi Scab said...


I think everyone knows by now who is no longer skating with us, it's been posted a few times in numerous places.
And, I'm sure no one has forgotten we also lost two top jammers in Moxxxie and Kitt.
But guess what that's old news.
It's a new year and we are better than ever.
Ohoh ohoh Ohoh Ohoh ohoh

Killer Vee said...

@Taxi Scab -- anytime you want to help me out with blog content, I'd love to have a little help with the writing.

Taxi Scab said...

Okay! Sign me up!

Swede said...

fun fun fun

Anonymous said...

where's the fackin' recap Smedley?

Killer Vee said...

Actually Anonymou Cranky Pants, I'm not writing one! I spent the entire bout doing a boutcast and I didn't take any notes or stats. You'd think I could remember since I watched the whole thing and wrote the whole time, but I was only in charge of watching certain players.

But don't worry, someone else is actually writing one and I'm going to post it. I'm just waiting for them to get the stats and finish 'er up.