Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Day Massacre Re-Cap

Event: May Day Massacre - May 2nd, 2009

SF ShEvil Dead vs. SVRG Dot. Kamimazes
Halftime Score: 49 - 40 SVRG
Final Score: 127 - 65 SVRG

The re-match between these two familiar teams was sure to be interesting. There were some big pile-ups, some questionable non-calls, some jammer theatrics (just call the damn jam already! Enough with the dramatic slow arm waving...Pia Mess!), and a miniature fight!

In the sixth jam of the second half, ShEvil Dead captain Kimfectious tackled SVRG jammer Terribelle Demise after she had collected her tenth point in a runaway jam. Kimfectious literally put both of her arms around Terribelle's waist and pulled her to the ground. Justifiably angry, Terribelle Demise jumped up and gave Kimfectious a little shove. This resulted in game expulsions for both players as physical contact like that is strictly prohibited.

So..I got really mad when that happened. I was pissed about the tackle take-down because it was just so stupid and pointless. She had already collected the points, she was already out of the pack. It was just a bad display of sportsmanship. On the other hand, if someone had done that to me, they would have gotten more than a one-handed shove. And I understand how that may seem hypocritical. But I personally feel that sometimes retaliatory play is alright. Just because I didn't start the shenanigans, doesn't mean I have to lay there and take it.

Moving on...

Coco Motion was the high scoring jammer for ShEvil. She had 36 points in ten jams. Rookie jammers Belle Right Hooks had 15 points in six jams and Knock Knock took 14 points in ten jams. Five other SF skaters wore the star for the reamining nine jams of the game but they were kept off the score board.

For Silicon Valley, Terribelle Demise and Smashleigh both captured 33 points during the game. Terribelle Demise skated in only five jams before her early second period expulsion while Smashleigh skated in nine jams. Smack Dahlia had 26 points in ten jams and Pia Mess had 22 points in seven jams. Booty Vicious scored eight points in her sole appearance on the jammer line and Mistits collected a five point grand slam after a jammerless jam forced the blocker to don the star for one shift.

The final score was very similar to the score the last time these two teams met up (126 to 55 ShEvil), but the winners were switched. Congratulations to the Dot.Kamikazes for their marked improvement.


Sacred City Disciples vs. SVRG Killabytes
Halftime Score: 78 - 18 Sacred
Final Score: 148 - 44 Sacred

The second bout of the night started off with a little scare as Sacred player Wrench Wench went down in the third jam. I'm not aware of what her official injury is, but from my seat, it was definitely an ankle injury. I could almost guarantee it was broken from what I saw. I hope she is doing well and recovers quickly from whatever injury she received.

The Disciples offense was on fire from the get go. Her Meechness set the tone for the game when she stormed out with a nine - zero score for the first jam. The Killabyte's jammers struggled against Sacred's hard-hitting and relentless blockers. With the exception of Her Meechness, the Sacred jammers usually always called it off after the first scoring pass. So although the SVRG jammers were able to fight their way out of the pack, often the jam would be over before they made it back for a scoring pass.

Sacred jammers Her Meechness and Rosie Rampage were like runaway trains in the second game. Meech scored 56 points in 11 jams and Rosie Rampage took 52 points in 12 jams. Rosie Rampage actually gained lead jammer status 11 times out of those 12 jams. That's...hold on, let me get my calculator... 92 %! Rosie and her coach seemed to have worked out an interesting strategy. Whenver Rosie gathered lead jammer status but the opposing jammer also came out of the pack around the same time, Rosie would call the jam and then skate right back to the jam line and go again. She wanted to score on her own terms, it seems.

Sacred had only two other jammers for the entire game. Jenergizer Bunny scored 21 points in five jams and Pink Devil scored 19 points in 11 jams.

While the Disciples only used four jammers, Silicon Valley jammed seven different women! Double Easy was the highest scoring out of the bunch with 17 points in ten jams. Zootown Throwdown gathered nine in ten jams and Booty Vicious had seven points in six jams. Lizapalooza took four points in two jams, Spankin Firecracker had four points in three jams, and Cyntax had three points in jams. Scooter Over, who jammed in both games for the night, was held off the score board in her two jams against Sacred.

Sacred's B team The Disciples extend their winning status to another game this season. Congratulations to them as well!


Killer Vee said...

Sorry, blockers. I'm sorry I ignore you. It's too hard for one person to keep track of the pack and both jammers *and* take accurate notes at the same time.

I need another set of eyes and another set of hands!

nocklebeast said...

I was sitting right in front where Kimfectious took down Terribelle (right next to Terribelle Dad and Mom as it turns out). No one got hurt, but at the time, the tackle looked a lot more dangerous than it was. I think I captured the moment just before it happened ( I haven't yet seen more than two dozen bouts, but I've certainly seen _a_lot_ more angrier responses to shenanigans than Terrible's.

On a completely different note, this was my first derby venue taking photos other than the Santa Cruz Civic and the Portland Expo... ohmagawd! as the minutes ticked down to the beginning of the first bout, I desperately looked at the ceiling, "someone's going to turn the lights up right????" Then I really looked at the ceiling and thought, "Low. Neutral white balance. Perfect for a bounce flash." But I didn't bring a flash!

Derby double header photo set here:

Killer Vee said...

I had issues with the dim lighting as well. I got to the game just before it started and couldn't get a good seat close to the jammer line. I could rarely read the jerseys from where I was sitting. And they were out of programs when I got there so I couldn't cross-reference with the skater numbers.

VaVa Voom said...

::Pout:: That's IT! John must help you from now on. Blocker's have Egos too. LOL

Sacred City

Taxi Scab said...

One of the things I am constantly saying to my 2nd graders is "just because they hit you first, doesn't make it okay for you to hit them back! Make a good choice, despite someone else's poor choice."

Yi-Nan said...

Vee, could you see the scoreboard? I was running it and tried to be pretty quick with updating it. I usually had the jammer names before the jam started.
- Double Easy

Killer Vee said...

You were very quick on updating it. I was just sitting far back and I don't see as well in that lighting with my contacts on instead of glasses. So I never could read the names off the scoreboard...Next time, I'll sit somewhere else :)

wrench wench said...

FYI- I spiral fractured my fibula, completely tore a ligament which caused a total dislocation. I had surgery not even 24 hours after injury. They put in a plate and screws. Now I am counting down the days to get my skates back on!! Thank you all for your well wishes. xo Wrench