Monday, June 1, 2009

Nor Cal News

A few things happened (or didn't happen) this weekend.

In the beautiful Lake Tahoe area, the newly formed Santa Cruz travel team the Beachflat Betties played the Tahoe Derby Dames on Saturday night. The unofficial final score was 151 to 72 Santa Cruz!

Also in Nevada, The Richmond Wrecking Belles of the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls ventured up to Reno to play the Battle Born Derby Demons. Unfortunately, BBDD has an outdoor venue and the forecast called for rain all weekend. The game was canceled because roller derby really shouldn't be played in a puddle. Ruins the bearrings.

The Sac City Rollers attended the American Cancer Soicety's "Relay for Life" event in Sacramento while the Silicon Valley Rollergirls participated in "Walk Now for Autism."


scuangel said...

SVRG is pretty proud of raising over $2,500 for the Autism Speaks project. What if we all made a concerted effort for a Roller Girls in the Community Day? Like a Habitat or around Christmas clothing drive?

Killer Vee said...

That's a great accomplishment SVRG. We should totally have a state-wide community service event! Ahhhh anyone want to take that kind of planning on?

Anonymous said...

Sacred City raised about $5k (number unofficial) for the 2009 LLS Man, Woman and Celebrity of the Year campaign! We're very proud to announce that Dez Asstris of Sacred City won Celebrity of the year with our fundraising efforts! It was a lot of work, but totally worth it.