Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sac vs Sonoma Re-Cap

Sac City Rollers vs. Sonoma County Roller Derby (the Wine Country Homewreckers)
June 20th, 2009 at Cal Skate in Rohnert Park, CA
Halftime Score: 66 - 27 Sonoma
Final Score 120 - 56 Sonoma

As I mentioned in my preview for this game, both teams were desperate for a victory over their friends/rivals. What started out as a close game with lots of tension and passion, soon turned into a glorious revenge victory for Sonoma County. As the younger league of the two, Sonoma was anxious to climb out from underneath the Sac City Rollers shadow. With their hard-fought and definitve win over the team who took fourth place last month at the all-California tournament, The Big One, Sonoma County has made their presence known.

Sonoma County really flexed their jamming prowess on Saturday night. Out of their thirteen players, seven different girls donned the star helmet cover throughout the night. Of those seven jammers, each of them also played within the pack as a blocker multiple times.

The high scoring jammer for SCRD was All On Ya. She scored an impressive 31 points in just eight jams. Hot on her heels was The Teacher who took down 21 points in ten jams and U Wish Trish who scored 22 points in four jams. Trish was able to average 5.5 points per jam which was the highest average for any skater on either team that night.

Also scoring for SCRD were High Roller with 17 points in six jams, Killer Vee with 11 points in seven jams, Scait Riot with 7 points in three jams, and Big Nick with five points in one jam.

Sac employed a shorter jammer roster for the evening with only three scoring jammers out of five. Lil Punk and Purdy Grrrl held it down on the jammer line for most of the night. Lil Punk scored 21 points in 15 jams while Purdy Grrrl scored 17 points in 12 jams. La Lucha managed to nab 18 points of her own in just eight jams. Suburban Slayer and Rock Hell Belch jammed a few times but were kept off the scoreboard.

Both teams were skating down players due to illness, injury, or personal reasons. Sonoma rostered 13 players while Sac had just 12. With fewer skaters, every girl on both teams had to step up and play maybe a little more than they were used to. The heavy-lifters for the visiting Sac team were Spankenstein with 24 blocking shifts and Scandaliz with 21 blocking shifts. Sweet Cheeks and Suburband Slayer each had 15 shifts while H N Icy had 14.

For Sonoma County, our iron woman for the night was Roxy-8-Arrr. With twenty blocking shifts throughout the night, this lady NEVER went to the penalty box. Holy Crap. Pain Galaura and Honey Deluxe had 19 shifts. Scait Riot had 17 turns as a blocker and Rosie Road Rash had 16.

The big penalty offenders for the night were a few familiar faces for the North Bay. Pain Galaura from Sonoma racked up three trips to the box while Honey D Luxe was assessed four total minutes in the penalty box but I believe she was ejected from the game for a gross misconduct trip on Purdy Grrrl in the last jam before she could serve out her time.

For Sac, Spankenstein was sent to the penalty box five times and Purdy Grrrl, Suburban Slayer, and Scandaliz all sat for three minutes.

Penalty wise, the teams were about even. They were both given 12 majors. Sonoma had 50 accumulated minors while Sac had 43. Although Sonoma had more minor penalties, Sac spent more time in the penalty box as Sonoma's minors were spread out more amongst the players who may never have racked up enough minors to serve a full minute penalty.

All in all, it was a great bout to compete in. I can only hope that it was also a fun game to watch. Although I heard rumors that the venue was sold out, the crowd was eerily quiet as their home team dealt out a beatdown. Several times while I was jamming, I had to wave to the crowd to encourage them to cheer. This ain't a chess match, people. We like it when you yell. It makes us skate faster. It makes us skate better.

Sonoma County was lucky enough to have the bout announced by the wonderful and witty Suzy Snakeyes from the famous L.A. Derby Dolls. As hard as she tried, she wasn't able to get the place on their feet and really rocking. What are we going to do, North Bay? I know you've got a reputation for being a mellow hippy area and all but Gosh Dang! Show your girls some love! We've got anoter home game on July 11th against Central Coast Roller Derby. I am daring you to bring your pompoms, bring your megaphone, and bring the noise. Show us what you got and we'll show you what we can do!

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rollella said...

Oh yeah, it's on!! I will be yelling my heart out! And maybe I'll even have pompoms! :)

This was a fun game to watch, although it seemed to me that Sonoma scored consistently over Sac with very little theatrics and/or stand-out plays. I missed seeing PePe jam, as the rivalry (if you can call it that) between her and Teacher bring a lot of excitement to the game. Very proud if all the rest of the girls and can't wait for the next one.

By the way, any word on how Purrdy is doing? Lots of love for her! - rollella