Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sac City Rollers vs. Sonoma County Roller Derby

Leagues: Sonoma County Roller Derby vs. Sac City Rollers
Date/Time: Saturday June 20th, 2009 - Doors @ 7:30p, , Bout at 8:30 pm
Location: Cal Skate - 6100 Commerce Blvd. Rohnert Park, CA

These two teams are as close as can be. Physically and spiritually. Last year at RollerCon, the two leagues "married" each other in a derby ceremony. Sac is essentially a big sister league to younger Sonoma County team. Last August, these two leagues faced off on each other in a double-header. A team vs A team. B team vs B team. The end results was one win and one loss for each time. The Sonoma B team, The North Bay Bruisers won their match 64 - 52. The Sac A team won their game against the Wine Country Homewreckers 79 to 70.

So as you can see, these are two evenly matched leagues.

This Saturday the re-match will be fierce. While the girls like each other very much, NO ONE wants to be on the losing side of this one. It's a pride thing, I guess.

Personally, this will mark my public debut as a skater for Sonoma County. I can honestly say I'm more nervous about this game than I normally am when it comes to my B.A.D. home team games. I have actually, in all these years, never played Sac in a full length game. I also have never played a game as a member of Sonoma County. I have no idea what to expect. That's a big part of why I'm doing the dual league duty. I do like this feeling of the unknown.

For Sonoma County, they are coming off a rough 114 - 69 loss to Chicago's "The Outfit" back in May. This season, they have also suffered a surprising loss to Emerald City (113 to 79) but notched a win against Santa Cruz (167 to 56).

Sac was victorious this year over Central Coast Roller Derby (111 to 97). They lost to Silicon Valley Roller Girls in April (97 - 84). At the annual tournament The Big One in May, Sac took 4th place.

Sac City Rollers Roster: Fastlane Fanny / H N ICY / La Lucha / Lil' Punk / Mazal Tough Cocktail / Pro Pain / Purdy Grrrl / Rock Hell Belch / Scandaliz / Spankenstein / Stinger / Suburban Slayer / Sweet Cheeks

Sonoma County Roster: All On Ya / Big Nick / Bushido / D.Enforcer / High Roller / Honey Deluxe / Killer Vee / Lady Sparks / Pain Galaura / Rosie Road Rash / Roxy-8-ARRR / Scait Riot / The Teacher / U Wish Trish

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rollella said...

I'm very excited about this game! Can't wait to see my girls skate, and i'm even more excited to see what you bring to the SCRD chemistry!