Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SVRG vs. Santa Cruz - June 13th

Event: Knock Her Socks Off
Leagues: Santa Cruz Derby Girls vs. Silicon Valley Roller Girls
Teams: SCDG Boardwalk Bombshells vs. SVRG Dot.Kamikazes
Date/Time: Saturday June 13th, 2009 - Doors at 6 pm, Bout at 7 pm
Location: San Jose Skate - 397 Blossomhill Road San Jose, CA

If my online sources are correct, these two teams have only met once before for an official game. I'm sure they've spent a lot of time informally scrimmaging each other as they are close in location but this Saturday's game will be an intense rematch from ther March 2008 bout in Santa Cruz.

After a dramatic and controversial night, the Santa Cruz team was able to pull out a victory with a 66 to 56 win. I recall hearing that last time these girls met up, there was a honest to God fight during the game. Something you don't see often anymore. There were also some reports about vandalism, questionable reffings, tempers flaring, etc etc. But the girls made up and seem to get along swimmingly now.

As it's been over a year since that bout, both teams have changed considerably. Heck, Santa Cruz even went through a whole business change with a new name, logo, and structure!

Santa Cruz has honed their jammer line-up this season and tightened up on their aggressive, re-engaging defense. Look for Candie Hooligan to put the points up on the board with help from her teammates. So many girls on Santa Cruz step up to jam and block that I couldn't tell you who else on the team will be jamming. I'm sure you'll see appearances by Sheila, Raven Von Kaos, and Pippi Hard Socking. Hell Louise and Lulu Lockjaw will probably be taking names and kicking asses in the pack as blockers. Maybe a little Lulu jamming action too?

Silicon Valley is also sporting a solid jammer line although their rotation is a little more definite. Smashleigh, Smach Dahlia, and Terribelle Demise will do most of the heavy lifting as jammers. I'm guessing Rot Wheels and Pia Mess will be holding it down as jammer killers while Lizapalooza and Mistits will take their aggression out on the Santa Cruz pack.

All in all, it will be a hard-hitting bout. The packs are going to be going after each other. I'm sure there will be some beautiful jammer moves but I also predict a little penalty trouble for both teams.

I won't choose a favorite and I won't predict an outcome. I love both of these teams and count friends on both sides. My only complaint is that I'll be unable to watch the fun unfold as I'll be playing in San Francisco that night. Someone better text me the dang scores..

Now...if only we could combine the two bouts afterparties? That would be epic. Hell, maybe I'll even come down and party in San Jose afterwards instead!

Silicon Valley Roster: Booty Vicious / Donna Diggler / Fesity Irish / Juice K'Tore / Lizapalooza / Mistits / Pia Mess / Rot Wheels / Skooter Over / Smack Dahlia / Smashleigh / Steffen Razor / Terribelle Demise / Undie Taker

Santa Cruz Roster: Brawley Parton / Candie Hooligan / Cleopatra Catastrophe / Eden Yourheartout / Foxee Firestorm / Hell Louise / Kicken Red Vixen / Lulu Lockjaw /
Pippi Hard Socking / Raven Von Kaos / Rowdy Roughrider / Roxy Scarmichael / Shamrock N. Roller / Sheila Princess of Power


Lulu Lockjaw said...

Um, please come down to San Jose to hang out...just sayin'!

Death by Dollface said...

We'd love to see you in San Jose! We do need to have a Bay Area Smack Down with all three leagues! Add Sonoma and make it epic! Gigantic after-party action. Make it a Saturday and have an after-party bus to hit up the entire scene with a little love for each of our home bars.