Sunday, June 14, 2009

This weekend in Nor Cal Roller Derby

We had a busy weekend in Northern California! There were four different local leagues bouting at three different locations.

June 13th, 2009:

Santa Cruz Roller Girls 100 vs. Silicon Valley Roller Girls 131
I've heard Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was in attendance. Rad. I don't know any game details but I heard Silicon Valley was holding it down all night and had up to a 50 point lead or more at some points in the game. Dang! SVRG on the come-up!

Pikes Peak Derby Dame 167 vs. Sacred City Derby Girls 70
I don't know any details on this game. Please share some stories, Sacred!

Oakland Outlaws (B.A.D.G.) 108 vs. San Francisco ShEvil Dead (B.A.D.G.) 44
In the last few minutes of the first half, ShEvil jammer Knock Knock went on 15 - 0 run to bring the score to within 14 points (Oaklandlead). In the second period, Oakland regrouped and just blasted through holding ShEvil to just ten points for the half. No fights, no injuries, no major stoppages. First game under 4.0 was a success in my opinion. Everything seemed to just run smoother and faster. Now if only we could figure out why our crowd keeps getting smaller and smaller...


nocklebeast said...

It's a different way of seeing a bout behind the viewfinder of a camera, but my impressions were that while Santa Cruz jammers had some breakouts, they also had a hard time getting around Silicon Valley's blockers, particularly Pia Mess... and Booty Viscous and sKooter Ov'r judging by my photos (and probably others too).

Anyway, got a set of bout photos here:

Retox Fox, 90 proof said...

You can check out a few more details (what I noticed while concierging the VIP section, and gathering some narrative details from nocklebeast's photos) on the official SVRG blog:

Retox Fox, 90 proof

Lulu Lockjaw said...

Vee, why'd ya have to have a game the same night as us? It would be nice to have an impartial recap of our bout...just sayin!