Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sonoma County Roller Derby Appreciation Post

This is not a bout preview post. This is a straight-up "I-love-this-league-and-feel-that-they-should-get-some-props" post.

Sonoma County Roller Derby. Some people hear Sonoma County and think "Where?" Others think "That place with all the farms?" And yet others may think "Isn't that part of wine country?" Answers: Yes.

As a onetime Sonoma County resident (Cotati, whatwhat!) and sister of a retired SCRD player, you may consider me biased. I did grow up in the nearby area and learned to skate at Sonoma's home rink Cal Skate in Rohnert Park. I did have and attend many birthday parties there. I frequently partook in Red Light, Green Light. I still squeal when I walk into Cal Skate as a grown-up and try to tell anyone walking in with me for the ten thousandth time that "This is my rink!" So, maybe just a little bit biased.

I feel like because it's a little far north than a lot of Bay Area people like to drive, the Sonoma County Roller Girls get overlooked. I don't think many people in the roller derby community realize how talented the team is. I honestly feel that they should be playing the top leagues in the state. I would love, LOVE to see a Sacred vs. Sonoma bout.

The league has a two-tiered team system that a lot of leagues are favoring recently. Specifically, an A travel team, The Wine Country Homewreckers, and a B travel team, The North Bay Bruisers.

In 2008, the Homewreckers played Port City (Stockton), San Diego Derby Dolls, Nor Cal Roller Derby (Chico), Sac City Rollers A team(Sacramento), Emerald City (Oregon), Bakersfield, and Smog City (Fresno). For their travels all-around the state they were rewarded with a promising 5 wins out of 7 games, losing only to Sac City and San Diego, by 9 and 1 points respectively.

Last season the Bruisers played Silicon Valley, Ventura, Sac City B team, Central Coast B team, and the Nor Cal Roller Girls (Chico) losing only to Silicon Valley in a 92 - 75 match.

So these girls as a combined league have a pretty solid record. 12 games, 9 wins, and no blow-outs.

Though they haven't had any official bouts for the 2009 season yet, B.A.D.'s home team The Oakland Outlaws recently scrimmaged Sonoma at their rink last month. And we lost. By like 30 points. I'm sure my sister Rollella will be able to post the actual score in the comments. Thanks for rubbing it in, Sis. I like to say that we didn't field our absolute best team possible for the scrimmage but my sister likes to point out that Sonoma didn't either. It's a sore subject for us.

Part of the reason that Sonoma has been so succesful is that they have a naturally talented group of core jammers. The Teacher is well known for being their starting jammer and occassionally jamming back to back when needed. She may be the face of their team (and the voice, the high-pitched voice) Other jamers include: Phantom Paine aka PePe and new jammer All On Ya. PePe is again, a total natural. She skates fluidly and quickly. She doesn't struggle with penalties and she always looks composed and graceful. All On Ya was a bit of a surprise to me. She came out of nowhere! She's super aggressive as a jammer. Also jamming for the Homewreckers is longtime and consistent point scorer High Roller.

In the pack, Sonoma has some really noticable good blockers. The first that comes to mind is their pivot Scait Riot. She is the kind of positional defensive body blocker that someone like me has to yell "CAN I GET A LITTLE HELP UP HERE!?" while jamming. Her one-on-one play is tremendous.

Another noticable blocker is league founder D.Enforcer. Watch out for her cause she hits hard! She's tenacious and her shoulder hurts me.

Pain Galaura and Roxy-8-Arrrr are two more players who hound the jammer. They primarily play in the back of the pack and their both on the lookout for that big, take-out hit.

All in all, they are a league to watch for. If your league has a schedule opening and you're looking for a challenge, consider inviting Sonoma. Also, I guarantee you they party/celebrate as hard as they play.

Coming up for them:

Monday March 16th: rematch scrimmage with the Oakland Outlaws at Cal Skate in Rohnert Park.

Saturday March 21st: Wine Country Homewreckers are playing the Emerald City A Team in Eugene, Or. I predict a solid Sonoma victory.

Saturday April 18th: Sonoma home-opener vs Santa Cruz Roller Girls! OMG OMG OMG. Do not make me choose between these teams. Just don't!

Saturday May 16th: Sonoma vs The Chicago Outfit in Chicago! I am coming to this bout!!!!


Lulu Lockjaw said...

Thanks Vee, as if I wasn't already nervous about playing them...this just made me pee myself...a little!

rollella said...

oh yeah.... i've got pride! i can't say that i know the actual score of the scrimmage. i just now i was giddy for sonoma and sad for you at the same time. fellow SCRD girls: i did NOT put my sister up to this. she genuinely adores our team! and why wouldn't she???

Killer Vee said...

Awww don't be nervous, Lulu! I am really, really excited for this game. I think you guys are both great teams and it will be a tight game. I am so there. In neutral colors.

Anonymous said...

i don't know about being the winners in eugene, our girls are really taking this grudge match seriously! what a nice article - can't wait to see you roll our way next week! hoot! hoot! moonshine clementine, emerald city roller girls

NikkiNightmare said...

I freakin' LOVE Sonoma County. Great story Killer Vee. I'll be at the scrimmage on the 16th. I can't wait!!

SewRotten said...

great blog!! Can we say Rollella is on mommy leave and not retired?? :)

Jill said...

I <3 Sonoma!
Can't wait for their first home bout...wish I was playing in this one too.
Blame Teacher....HA!


Taylor Closely said...

Thanks for the blog!! I heard about it from Elwood who lives in my neck of the woods. I play for the Jet City League in WA state but still long for my Santa Rosa hometown. It will be great to follow them through your musings. Say HI to Guvnah for me!!!

Southbayfan said...

April 18th
Slaughter County @ Sacred
Central Coast @ Sac City
Santa Cruz @ Sonoma
I need to clone myself.