Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Santa Cruz vs L.A. Derby Dolls

League: Santa Cruz Roller Girls and L.A. Derby Dolls
Teams: Santa Cruz All-Stars and L.A. Sirens
Date: March 14th, 2009
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium

All right, this is another bout I can't tell you much about. Now do you see why I'm going to need some help with non-BAD content?

I was really looking forward to going to this. I love the Santa Cruz girls. I love the L.A. team. I love season openers. But it was not to be as I have a different bout to attend this night.

I haven't seen the Sirens play in a long time. Hell, I haven't made it down to L.A. for a dolls game in over a year. I don't know who's playing. But I do know who is not playing: Lacey from "Rock of Love," Kath and/or Kim from "Kath and Kim," or those two dudes from "Psych." Though they have all filmed segments with the Derby Dolls in the past year and I've seen all of this on TV.

So I just looked at the Sirens website. V. Lee and Mila Minute are on this team? Oh snap! I know they're good jammers.

But I know Santa Cruz is good too. I recently skated on a Red Red Holiday team with Raven Von Kaos. And we totally won. So keep that in mind, L.A. My friend Lulu Lockjaw is a badass jammer who wears tiny, tiny shorts. Sometimes shiny shorts. And I'm pleased to see now that they have Hell Louise, an old school transfer from the Sac City Rollers.

All in all, I can't make any predictions. The Sirens are primarily a banked track league from my understanding. I don't know how much experience they have against flat-track teams. Santa Cruz has been racking up exciting wins in their last season. And those SC girls They do all kinds of park skating. And outside scrimmages. And I think they're kind of more hard core than I am.

Again, if anyone from L.A. or Santa Cruz wants to chime in, please do. Unfortunately their wins and losses aren't recorded on FlatTrackStats.

I am super bummed that I am missing this game. I better get some dang text message score updates frequently! No offense, L.A.D.D. but GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SANTA CRUZ!


Raven Von Kaos said...

VEE! Wish you could be there!!! Thanks for the shout out -

Jill said...

The Sirens had to borrow a couple of skaters from their other home teams to fill the roster for this game. Do the names Krissy Krash and Broadzilla mean anything to you?

They do to me. And Broadzilla happens to be one of my derby heroes. I'm really excited to see how these banked tracked girls do on flat track.

But, as you said, the santa cruz girls are kind of hard core. I completely agree. It should be a challenging game for both teams.

I wish you could be here watching it with me Vee!

Mojo Vixen

Lulu Lockjaw said...

Vee, you rule! I am soooo super bummed that you can't make it! Its always exciting to play against girls that you look up to. That's how it was last season when we played BADG. The SC girls have been working our butts off the last couple of months! At the end of the day, we're just stoked to play derby!

NorthernCaliforniaDerby said...

Yes, Mojo, I am familiar with those names! This game is going to be even more intense than I originally thought.

And when can we expect you back on the track, Mojo?

Angus said...

Great post!
BUT! Any mention of an SCRG home game should always mention the awesome venue that they inhabit. The Civic Auditorium is the largest space in Santa Cruz and the Roller Girls sell it out each and every time. It's a perfect size for a bout: large enough to (almost) hold the fans and still intimate enough to ensure that every seat has a great view. The Civic seats 1,100 fans in bleachers on three sides - but they aint in their seats much!
And their F!@#$%* LOUD!

Killer Vee said...

@Angus You know I thought about the last night. I wasy lying in bed and thought "I should have mentioned how ridiculously cool their venue is. And how nuts their fans are!"

I think the only things that keep me from praising the Civic too highly are that it's not a regulation track and I have to sneak beer into the Civic since they only allow two beer sales per person all night. It's stressful trying to pour beer from a can hidden in my purse when security is standing in front of me.

But you're right, let's talk about those Santa Cruz fans for a second. Those people are...unbelievable. They blow the roof off that place with their cheering and they also have the loudest BOOOOOOs I have ever heard for an opposing team. You beach people are very spirited down there!

Jill said...

Vee! I'm comin back!!!
Look for me at our first game with our home teams.
April 4th :D
Beach Flat Betties (yay!) vs. Lost Girls


Killer Vee said...

ARGH Mojo! I have a bout that night!

Grand Poobah said...

It looks like the Sirens went 3-2 in 2006 home season, 1-2 in 2007, and 3-2 in 2008. As far as I can tell, they've not played as a team in interleague bouts, but some of their players no doubt have. Some of them have probably skated some flat track derby as well.

As for Santa Cruz, last year they won 66-56 over Silicon Valley, and 122-21 over the Angry Beavers. Their losses included 70-100 against the NOtown Allstars, 68-127 against the Oakland Outlaws, and 67-96 against Plan B.

There were also bouts between them and Battle Born Derby Demons, Sacred City's Disciples and Inland Empire that I can't seem to find the scores for. Maybe someone knows some of them?

Jill said...

SCRG 88 Battle Born Derby Demons 77
SCRG113 Sacred City Disciples31
SCRG 85 Inland Empire Derby Divas 75

I would also like to point out that the team that played as IEDD wasn't truly Inland Empire. From what I remember there were probably 5 girls from that league, 3 from Bakersfied, 1 from Ventura, and 5 from Silicon Valley.


Southbayfan said...

I have seen the LA Derby Dolls play within the past year, at the Battle of the Bank tournament, and two skaters that itched themselves into my memory were Broadzilla and Mila Minute.

Broadzilla is LA Derby Dolls' big blocker, a fierce hitting machine and she's wicked derby smart too. I've seen her hold off two blockers and the opposing jammer for an entire lap. Mila Minute is the fastest jammer I've ever seen, faster than Kitt Turbo, the fastest jammer I'd seen to that point, faster than Cincinnati's super jammer Sadistic Sadie. As you may know banked track jams are only one minute long, in that minute Mila was able to lap the pack three times, the only skater to be able to do that in the tournament. Although the physics of a banked track are different from a flat track, Mila is a top flight athlete.

If LA is bring those two; Santa Cruz is facing something like LA's all star team, they really want to win and are bring the big guns to get it done. I rate the LA Derby Dolls highly. I believe the Derby Dolls will be playing in the Big One this year and if any team can take the trophy from BADG it will be the Derby Dolls.

LA's banked track rules are stricter than WFTDA's. Two minors sends you to the box and two majors gets you ejected. Ask Hannah Grenade about what's a minor and it's like no touching.

BADG Statistican

Lulu Lockjaw said...

Well, Broadzilla and Mila were there! Santa Cruz came out hard, fast and smart. This was probably the best derby game I've ever played!

V. Lee said...

Well now..... This game was very exciting. The first half of the game, for us.... was mostly feeling out the surface and finding the “sweet spots" if you know what I mean. The game is mostly the same but the key areas are in totally different locations when playing flat track vs. banked track and as a team it takes a bit to get it right. Hahahahaha.... I think Santa Cruz got a little worried during that second half, we discovered that when you're skating in SC's house, if you can hear the crickets outside.... your jammer is in the lead. ;-) Good times. There fans are really loyal, but very nice at the same time. I really enjoyed skating against them, it was by far the best flat track game I have played, and I am really grateful that they invited us out as the Sirens. It really pulled us together for some fun time bonding and opened our season with some serious strategy talk.

I think The Big One is going to be very interesting. The Ri-Ettes (LA’s flat track all-star team) get to play the first and second game of the weekend..... I am looking forward to it.

Thanks again Santa Cruz!!!!!!!

V. Lee
Sirens for Life!!!!!!