Thursday, March 12, 2009

Santa Cruz Roller Girls lauch new YouTube channel

Now why didn't I think of this?

The Santa Cruz Roller Girls just launched their own YouTube channel.

The channel just went up yesterday and so far there are only three videos on it. Since they will be having their season opener this weekend, I anticipate a lot more videos to come.

May I make a suggestion? Can you add other videos people have uploaded regarding your league? I always liked this one:

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Shamrock N. Roller said...


Thanks for checking it out and writing about it. I know that other account users can do video responses on any video posted on YouTube. I think Raven would have to do the video response.

I will talk to Raven about getting that video file and uploading it to the site directly so that it's actually on our page and not just a response. I don't think YouTube has quite perfected the concept of the a different account user posting video to another account user's page. Hope that made sense.

Thanks for the suggestion and we just added two short videos from Saturday night. Adding more as the week goes.