Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sac City Rollers: Friday Night Fights

League: Sac City Rollers
Teams: Sweaty Betties vs. Rude Girls
Date: March 13th, 2009
Time: Doors at 7pm, Bout at 7:30 pm
Location: Foothill Skate Inn - 5700 Auburn Blvd Sacramento, CA

A bout on a Friday night? Inconceivable! I wonder if an event on a Friday night has anything to do with their new venue. All the Sac games I have been to were at the Davis Indoor Sports Center in Davis, CA. Rumor has it that the D.I.S.C. is no longer (Sac, I feel your pain. Our own roller hockey rink practice space has been sold and we will lost it next month. I guess a recession is not a good time for roller hockey!).

But hey, you found yourself a new venue which is *not* easy to do.

Apparently the Sweaty Betties were undefeated all of last year. I'm not too surprised seeing that they have Lil Punk as a jammer. Lil Punk is fast and slippery. I also see that they have Photon Pixie. Now when I've seen her play, she generally works the back of the pack. I think she is well known for riding people all the way out and/or knocking people straight to the ground. I have heard from more than one jammer that Photon is a nightmare to try and pass. The team also included Spankenstein who is a long, long time member of SCR.

Speaking of nightmares, is that Nikki Nightmare I see on the Rude Girls? Nikki is fully saturated in the derby culture. You see her at bouts, parties, rollercon, tournaments. If someone is strapping their skates on, she's there! It appears she is coaching the Rude Girls which I'm sure is a great asset for them to share her knowledge and experience. Purdy Grrl is another longtime Sac girl with a solid reputation as a fast, clean jammer.

I have only ever seen the Sac girls play as an all-star team or separately in pick-ups and scrimmages. While I'm familiar with girls on both sides, I'm not sure I could properly predict a winner. But since I always support the underdog, I'm going to throw my support behind the Rude Girls. Pick it up, pick it up, etc etc.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it out to Sac for this event...unless someone wants to drive? I love carpooling!


NikkiNightmare said...

Thanks Vee. I truely am EVERYWHERE! This is going to be a great game. My Rude Girls need a win.
We're, also, going to introduce our new junior league to the crowd. We have a few girls from Sac City and Sacred. They are our future.

Killer Vee said...

I'm happy to see junior derby popping up! Isn't there junior derby in Sonoma as well? This could really start to take off down here.

Yi-Nan said...

So where are you gonna skate after next month?

Killer Vee said...

@Double Easy, that's TBD. We are currently looking for a warehouse to rent. It's actually looking kind of promising!

D. Enforcer said...

Photon Pixie is skating for The Chicago Outfit now, and trying to get on the Roster to skate against Sonoma...Oh Lord!

Killer Vee said...

God. Is there a mass Exodus to Chicago?! Everyones moving there!

rollella said...

Vee: don't get any big ideas with John and take off to Chicago! That would be sad. You are allowed to visit but no moving! :)