Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oakland Outlaws @ Port City Roller Girls

Event: Bad Luck Bout - March 21st, 2009
Halftime Score: Oakland Outlaws 63 v Port City Roller Girls 18
Final Score: Oakland Outlaws 97 v Port City Roller Girls 50

In the first ever bout between long established Nor Cal leagues B.A.D.G. and P.C.R.G., the Oakland Outlaws took home a hard fought victory for the Bay Area.

I believe both teams went into the game not knowing what to expect. One thing is for certain though, Port City may have had a slight advantage with their experience in skating at the Stockton Fairgrounds venue. Their bout facility doubles as their practice space and the surface is polished concrete. I can personally say that I have never felt anything like that floor before. It felt like I was skating on an ice rink with my wheels instead of blades. I tried to wear outdoor wheels to gain some more stability and traction during the first period, but I found that the outdoor wheels slowed me down so much that I couldn't increase my speed and felt like I was skating through sand. At halftime I changed me wheels to regular indoor Tuners. While I was able to skate much faster I struggled on the turns because I couldn't control my skates on the slippery floor as I attempted to cross over. Now, I have skated in a lot of different places and skated on several different surfaces. I usually pride myself on being able to adapt to a new situation without needing to modify my equipment. But that Stockton floor? That was something else.

Oakland was stunned in the first minutes of the game, trying to figure out this slippery floor and this unfamiliar Stockton team. On the completion of the fifth jam of the game, the score was tied at 10 - 10. However, the Outlaws got it together and roared back for the remainder of the first half by scoring another 53 points and holding Stockton to only 8 additional points, making the halftime score 63 to 18 Oakland. Outlaw captain and pack blocker Polly Puredread made her only appearance on the jam line in the first half and scored a commanding 13 - nothing jam against Razor Grrl.

In the second period, the scoring was much more balanced. The Outlaws scored 34 points while Port City kept the pace with 32 points. Most of those Port City points were scored by the tag team duo of Jamn Jewlz and 2Quick who combined to score 28 points. Jewlz took the brunt of the work in that second half scoring 19 points in 8 jams while 2Quik took 9 points in 4 jams. The Oakland team spread the wealth a little more and earned their points with five scoring jammers.

The highest scorer trophy for the night was awarded to Oakland jammer Jane Hammer. She scored a total of 33 points in 10 jams, averaging 3.3 points per jam. The next highest scorer was Jamn Jewlz who had 27 points in 13 jams, averaging just over two points per jam.

Also jamming for Oakland was: Killer Vee (18 points in 8 jams), Burly Bot (16 points in 9 jams), Sharon Needles (16 points in 6 jams), Polly Puredread (13 points in 1 jam), and Brick Shields (1 point in 1 jam).

Also jamming for Port City was: 2Quik (18 points in 9 jams), Razor Grrl (2 points in 6 jams), Tess T Rossa (2 points in 1 jam), and Evil Angel (1 point in 2 jams)

Oakland blocker Taxi Scab was awarded MVP for the night. La Chica Mala took home a trophy for outstanding blocking for Oakland while Pomp Adorable was trophy-fied for Port City.

Oakland Outlaw Roster:

Billie Bones / Brick Shields / Burly Bot / Flash Morgan / Jane Hammer / Jennacologist / Killer Vee / La Chica Mala / Lady Kiss Off / Lemmy Chokeya / Polly Puredread / Sharon Needles / Sinnocent/ Taxi Scab

Port City Roster:

2Quik / Boppin / Dominant Dolly / Evil Angel / Jamn Jewlz / Mad Muggin Moe / Malevolent / Nacho Mama / Pomp Adorable / Razor Grrl / Sydney Vicious / Slam Her Time / Tank Her Bell / Tess T Rossa


Yi-Nan said...

I was so excited to see my fellow former dinks Billie Bones and Sharon Needles in their debuts. Great job ladies!

That floor looked awful. Even Burly Bot looked like she was having trouble on it. I am not looking forward to skating on it when SVRG goes to Port City in October.

Damn that Jamn Jewlz is fast. Also, Evil Angel is definitely someone to watch out for and be frightened of when she's in the pakc.

- Double Easy

Boppin 76 said...

I thought the floor was pretty sticky that night, we must be used to it :)
It was a great game, Oakland Outlaws has so many talented girls I hope we get a chance to play them again. Thanks for coming out girls!!
Port City Roller Girls