Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sacred vs Central Coast

Teams: Sacred City Derby Girls and Central Coast Roller Derby
Date: March 28th, 2008
Time: 7 pm
Location: Roller King 889 Riverside Ave Roseville, CA 95678

Dang. I am going to miss this bout. My beloved San Jose Sharks are approaching the last few games of their season and I have tickets to the game on Saturday night. Although I love roller derby, I love me some hockey! It pains me to choose between my two sportly loves, but it must be done. I have weekend upon weekend of derby coming up and hockey is quickly closing in on the end of the season.

I do regret not being around to watch Sacred take on Central Coast. Sacred is a team that I have supported since their first game. They had one of the quickest uprising out of any league I know. They were accepted into the WFTDA when their organization was less than one year old. Currently they are unofficially ranked 28 in the WFTDA. I say unofficially because as of this quarter, the WFTDA only ranks the top 10 teams nationally. Within their Western region, Sacred is ranked 5th place. In California, the Sacramento team is currently going into the state tournament, The Big One, ranked number one after taking a hard-fought second place to the B.A.D. All-Star team in last years tourney.

For 2009, Sacred is just getting started. They racked up their first win in February against the OC Roller Girls with a score of 101 to 80.

Sacred has a deep bench of veteran players even after the departure of some of their most well-known players. Expect to see top jammer Candy Crusher cranking out the points along with help from Cash Money, Her Meechness, and Rosie Rampage. Ex-BAD player Mathemortician is sure to be spending a lot of time blocking in the pack. She seems to hardly need a break. And watch out for Shadow Soldier! Man, that is one player who truly makes me skate in the opposite direction when she's lining up for a hit.

Central Coast is also an up-and-coming WFTDA California team. Currently unranked nationally, they are going into The Big One ranked # 5 in the state. Last year they took fourth place in The Big One after winning round robin mini-games against Port City and the OC Roller Girls.

This season, CCRG has already notched three wins out of their three games. In January they battled Visalia (133 to 109) and Bakersfield Derby Revolution (117 to 36). In February, the Central Coast girls took on the Silicon Valley Roller Girls and cranked out a 88 to 50 win.

Jammers to watch out for from CCRG are Hill Fire, Resident Vixen, and April Fools (she of the tube top jersey fame!). Notable blockers are the heavy hitter Berta the Hurta and tenacious and experienced blocker Lacy Thunder Ware.

I am certainly rooting for a Sacred victory but I predict that this game will be very, very close. I think the skill gap in California roller derby is rapidly closing and this game may be a testament as to how our less established leagues may be poised to take over the top ranks.


Fuckyerface. said...

*ahem* we were last ranked 22nd

Killer Vee said...

Sorry, I was looking at instead of the last quarter on the WFTDA rankings.