Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Santa Cruz vs. Santa Cruz

League: Santa Cruz Roller Girls
Teams: The Lost Girls vs. The Beach Flat Betties
Location: Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium
Date: April 4th, 2009
Time: Doors at 5:30, bout at 6:30

HEY SANTA CRUZ! STOP HAVING THINGS WHEN I HAVE THINGS! God dang, guys. Our first three events of the season have directly conflicted with each other. Even your away bout on the 18th is on the same night our travel team plays ACDG in So Cal. SHEESH.


Two of SCRG's three home teams will be playing each other this Saturday. The Lost Girls and The Beach Flat Betties. I don't know the history between these two teams but I do know the roster!

The Beach Flat Betties:

Lulu Lockjaw - Captain

Roxy Scarmicheal - Co Captain

Allda Rage

Blonde Claude Van Damme

Cinzilla - Injured

Foxee Firestorm

Kicken Red Vixen

Kiki Clash

Mojo Vixen

Pippi Hardsocking

Rowdy Roughrider

Shamrock N Roller

The Lost Girls

Eden Yourheartout - Captain

Raven Von Kaos - Captain

Candie Hooligan - Co Captain

Brawley Parton

Cleopatra Catastrophe

Hallie Pena Popper

Hell Louise ( Countess Weezy)

Liv N Letdie


Pixi Painful

Salt Ann Battery

Sheila Princess of Power


Lulu Lockjaw said...

Vee, I miss your mouth!

You going to the SVRG vs Shevil Bout next weekend?

Matty and I will be there!

Killer Vee said...

They're actually playing Sacm, but yeah, I'll be there!

Good luck this weekend!

Lulu Lockjaw said...

Oh duh, just kidding!

Yay, I get to see you!