Friday, April 3, 2009


Leagues: Sacred City Derby Girls vs Central Coast Roller Derby
Date: March 28th, 2009
Final Score: 103 to 48 Sacred

**This re-cap was written by Sacred's very own Mathemortician. There were some edits done by Killer Vee**

CCRD and Sacred have always had a really great relationship. They have met on the track twice: once in 2007 and again on March 28, 2009. Both games resulted wins for Sacred City with the 2007 bout having a 122 - 56 win.

Central Coast came with some strong teamwork and smart pack playing. They lead with Lacey Thunderware in front and Berta the Hurta in the back of the pack, which is a strong combination. Regular jammers Hillfire, Resident Vixen and Pow Ow played predominantly in the pack, which was a surprise as Sacred expected to see them donning the jammer star. However, Hill Fire did jam frequently in the first period. After gathering 4 cutting the track majors, Hill Fire spent the second period playing the role of the pivot.

Central Coast jammers were: April Fool's (15 points in 4 jams), C. J. Hooker (10 points in 11 jams), Ivantor (9 points in 7 jams), LoMag (6 points in 3 jams), Hill Fire (4 points in 11 jams), and Resident Vixen (4 points in 3 jams).

And for Sacred: Her Meechness (25 points in 8 jams), Rosie Rampage (22 points in 7 jams), Cash Money (22 points in 10 jams), Candy Crusher (19 points in 11 jams), Mugshot Mary (12 points in 6 jams), and Gangstalicious (3 points in 1 jam).

This was Mugshot Mary's first game this season after recovering from an injury last year. Rosie Rampage and Her Meechness both stepped up their performance after a difficult time navigating Orange County's pack at the Sacred season opener in February.

Notable heavy hitters were Shadow Soldier, Mathemortician, and Vava Voom for Sacred and Berta the Hurta and Mac-Attack from Central Coast. Slingshot had a solid night as a defensive pivot for Sacred as well. Overall, it turned out to be a defensive blocker's game with low scoring and many shut out jams.

CCRD Rosters: April Fools / BadAss Blondie / Berta The Hurta / CJ Hook-Her / Hill Fire / Ivanator / Lacy Thunderware / Lo Mag / Mac Attack / Metal Mellisha / Pow-Ow / Resident Vixen / Submiss / Zona Hussy

Sacred Rosters: Candy Crusher / Cash Money / Chica Loca / C-Notch / Frida Bandida / Gangstalicious / Her Meechness / Mathemortician / Mugshot Mary / Rosie Rampage / Shadow Soldier / Slingshot / Teenie Meenie / VaVa Voom


Grand Poobah said...

Halftime scores are helpful. Insofar as I can enter them into DerbyMatic. At some point down the road bout histories may become user-browsable, which would likely include halftime scores, if that information exists.

shay said...

Those jammer stats are great! Too bad they don't match our official stats (which I don't have with me). :(

Thanks for posting this, Vee.


Killer Vee said...

@Shay, I used the jammer stats that were emailed to me by the mighty Southbay. But if they're incorrect, I could post an addendum?