Friday, April 17, 2009

Are you guys trying to kill me?

How many bouts are happening this weekend?

I had every intention to write a pre-view of everything happening on saturday but I just realized it's Friday afternoon and it's probably pointless. So let's just do a little summary.

1. Port City vs Derby Revolution of Bakersfield

BeBe Brewski is back in Stockton and playing for her old team. The new Bakersfield league with the not-so-new players is missing Ima Blowbya but is rejoined by Bonecrusher who took some time off last season. Port City had lost to the original BRG in 2007.

2. Sac City Rollers vs. Central Coast Roller Derby
Should be a good match-up in Sacramento! I think Central Coast will pull out the win though.

3. Sacred City Sacrificers vs Slaughter County Roller Vixens

I don't know much about Slaughter County (Washington) but I loooooooove Sacred! Slaughter County narrowly beat Emerald City a few weeks ago. Emerald City, as we know, narrowly beat Sonoma last month. Though Sonoma and Sacred have never had an official game, their recent scrimmage was a very tight score. I'm calling the game for Sacred but I know it won't be easy.

4. Sacred City Disciples vs Battle Born Derby Demons

Part Two of the Sacred City double header! Don't know anything about the Reno team and can't find any scores on their website! Which reminds me...put bout scores on your websites or myspaces people! Let the public know how you did even if they couldn't make it out that night!

5. Sonoma County Roller Derby vs. Santa Cruz Derby Girls

I'm going to be at this game and attempt to take notes! I'm not allowed to pick a side (which is probably a good thing!) but this should be a GREAT game and I'm super excited for it.

I should have all the scores for you guys by Sunday! Have fun at whatever bout you end up watching!


Shamrock N. Roller said...

Stoked you are coming to our game! We will see you there.

Megan (Panda) said...

Ugn, too much derby; I want to go to all these bouts!!! I will be going to the Sacred double header; so let me know if you want to trade scores again :)

A couple of us SVRGs went and saw BRD take on CCRD earlier this year and it think the final score was some like CCRD 117 to BRD 38. I think it was BRD first bout and I'm sure that they have brought their game together since that bout; especially since they have some pretty experienced skaters.

SVRG played Battle Born last season and they narrowly won (85 - 80). I'm not sure who is currently on their team but they has some pretty slick jammers.

-Coach Panda (SVRG)

Mojo Vixen said...

Derby Revolution of Bakersfield
DRB...just sayin'

BeBe Brewski said...

I am excited to be back in Green... I will let you know how it goes.... Have a great derby weekend

Chris 'Hurt Reynolds' Seale said...

Resource for past scores (the ones we have, anyway):