Saturday, April 11, 2009

April Foul's Bout Re-Cap

League: B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls
Teams: Oakland Outlaws vs. Richmond Wrecking Belles
Halftime Score: 51 to 48 Richmond
Final Score: 120 to 104 Richmond

It's very hard for me to review a game I was playing in. Especially since I am not on the winning team! Sure, I want to talk about the times I felt I got jobbed by a ref. Sure, I want to point out things the other teams did that I didn't think was right. Sure, I want to complain that I don't think some of the scoring was accurate.

But at the end of the day, these are still my league-mates and my league refs. It's personally very, very hard for me to be objective and not let my emotions cross-over in my writing. And I would be foolish to turn this into a rant. So I will keep this as brief and as official as I possibly can. I have to keep reminding myself that this was a tough, close, emotional game for everyone involved. The score was often no more than a handful of points apart. Somebody had to eventually win. So what if it's not me? I'm ok with that! Or at least, I'm learning to be ok with that.

So here's just the facts (and maybe a little bit of opinion too!):

The big scorers for the night were Brawllen Angel for Richmond and Jane Hammer for Oakland.

Brawllen had an impressive 56 in points in 17 jams, averaging 3.29 points per jam. She received lead jammer 11 times out of those 17 attempts earning her a respectful 65 % and only took a seat in the penalty box one time in the entire game.

Jane Hammer took home an equally impressive 45 in 15 jams, averaging an even 3.0 points per jam. Hammer garnered only five lead jams out of her 15 tries and was sent to the penalty box twice during the game. One wonders if Hammer could have scored even more points if she participated in as many jams as Brawllen Angel did and received more lead jammer calls and less time in the penalty box?

Also scoring for Richmond were: Golden Skate Warrior (33 points in 11 jams), Velveteen Savage (20 points in 8 jams), and Astronaughty (11 points in 10 jams).

Jamming for Oakland was: Killer Vee (26 points in 13 jams), Burly Bot (24 points in 16 jams), and Polly Puredread (11 points in 1 jam).

Oakland blocker Taxi Scab had an impressive night in the back of the pack. She skated in 31 jams and came out a +25 for the night. Her teammates Roughhouse Rhonda (+4) and Deadly Nightshade (+3) also came out with plus ratings in 28 and 25 jams respectively.

The Richmond blockers with the most effective play were long-time local favorites, Roxie the Riveter and Demanda Riot. Demanda is well known in the international derby community. She skated in a staggering 37 jammers and ended up with a +24, despite sitting in the penalty box five times.

Roxie the Riveter, who has been with B.A.D. since it's inception, did the best out of all blockers on Richmond. She was +29 in 15 jams and only sat in the penalty box one time. Ladies and gentlemen, this is no fluke! She was also the most effective blocker in their last game versus the S.F. ShEvil Dead. She is certainly a quieter skater who is horribly underrated and underappreciated.

To take a page from my fellow blogger, Elwood Bruise, I'd like to announce the Truly B.A.D. Girls of the game:

1. Liza Machete. With seven majors and 10 minor penalties, Liza was sent to the penalty box TEN times in 37 jams!

2. La Chica Mala. Mala had five majors and 12 minors in 38 jams. She saw the penalty box eight times that night.

3. Golden Skate Warrior. Though there may have been other players who ended up in the penalty box more than GSW, she was sent off five times in only 11 jams. Four majors and four minors.

Well! That's it! Congratulations to the Richmond Wrecking Belles! We'll get you next time....

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