Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nor Cal Weekend Scores

Scores for the weekend of April 18th - April 19th 2009

Port City Roller Girls 82 vs. Derby Revolution of Bakersfield 38

Sonoma County Roller Derby 167 vs Santa Cruz Roller Girls 56

Sacred City Sacrificers 148 vs Slaughter County Roller Vixens 82

Sacred City Disciples 121 vs Battle Born Derby Demons 52

B.A.D.G. All-Stars 138 vs A.C.D.G. Scarlets 82


NikkiNightmare said...

Congratulations!! Way to go Nor Cal leagues. Sac City's Capital Punishers also won this past Saturday.
Sac City 111 vs CCRD 97. It wasa a nail biter towards the end. SCR had a few jammer trips to the box and CCRD capitalized on it and almost pulled out a win. It was a great game.

Killer Vee said...

Thanks for the info, Nightmare!