Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Leagues: B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls vs. Angel City Derby Girls
Teams: B.A.D. All-Stars vs Hollywood Scarlets
Date & Time: April 18th, 2009 6:30 pm
Location: Toyota Sports Center - El Segundo, CA

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned Nor Cal/So Cal rivalry? No matter what the sport, these two regions love to battle each other. At any sporting event in the Bay Area, the crowd loves to taunt "Beat L.A. , Beat L.A. !" whenever a Los Angeles team is in town. Flat track roller derby is no exception!

The B.A.D. Girls All-Star team has met with ACDG's travel team twice before. Their first bout was in October 2007 where the long-established Nor Cal league absolutely dominated the Los Angeles crew in a 126 to 8 (yes, EIGHT) victory.

Their second meeting was in April 2008 for the first annual "Big One" tournament in Davis, Ca. The two teams played a 20 minute mini-bout in the first round. BADG again took the win with a 53 - 12 score and eventually win on to win the tournament and ACDG took home third place.

The B.A.D. Girls travel team has been laying low since their fifth/sixth place finish at the 2008 WFTDA National Tournament in November. Before that, they notched wins against Sacred City, Duke City, Rose City, Tucson, Minnesota and Houston in the past year. This will be their first bout of the season.

In March alone ACDG's all-star team skated away with two clear-cut victories against the OC Roller Girls (161 to 69) and Arizona Roller Derby (137 to 62). They are currently ranked sixth in the WFTDA's Western Region.

The teams look a little different now than their previous meetings so it's hard to tell if this game will be another BADG blow-out or if the So Cal team has caught up to their older derby sisters. The only skaters from the Bay Area who have previously played ACDG both times are Sassy Slayher, Taxi Scab, Liza Machete, and Lusty Malice. Polly Puredread, Velveteen Savage, and Burly Bot have played one game against the Scarlets.

Suprisingly missing from the BADG roster is blocking maniac Demanda Riot. The team is also missing several of their core veteran members from last years team who have either retired (Miss Moxxxie, Mandi Festo, and Kitt Turbo), moved on (Pia Mess and Diane Rott), or are currently on a break (Killer Vee and Racey Lane).

BADG is happy to welcome back blocker/jammer hybrid Polly Puredread who was on maternity leave for much of the 2008 season. Filling out the rosters for the all-stars are long-time league members Diva Negativa, Nina Beretta, and Golden Skate Warrior. Though they may be new to the travel team, they are far from rookie skaters.

It appears that ACDG also has a lot of new faces on their team as well as this author recognizes just a handful of names from previous games. Some of these new faces are actually transfers from other leagues like Cherrylicious (Charm City) and Nutcase (Prison City). But the veteran team members who stand out are Estro Jen, Diesel, Hard Cora, Ms. D'Fiant, Holly Caust, and VaVaVa Gina. Notable missing from the roster is jammer Fighty and players Dia Blow and Dutchess Von Damn.

The people in El Segundo on Saturday night are definitely in for a show. A WFTDA sanctioned game among two teams in the same region is always a reason for the skaters to perform their best. Also skating that night is the ACDG team the Rocket Queens vs Inland Empire.

BADG Roster: Astronaughty / Brawllen Angel / Burly Bot / Diva Negativa / Friskie Meow / Golden Skate Warrior / Jane Hammer / Liza Machete / Lusty Malice / Nina Beretta / Polly Puredread / Sassy Slayher / Taxi Scab / Velveteen Savage

ACDG Roster: Alotta Trouble / Cherrylicious / Diesel / Estro Jen / Felony Friendly / Go-Go Gidget / Hard Cora / Holly Caust / Ms. D'Fiant / Nutcase / Selacidal / Shiv / VaVaVa Gina


shay said...

SO SAD I'm going to miss this! Why is there so much derby this weekend?

- Morty

BeBe Brewski said...

Go B.A.D. Girls

Killer Vee said...

I am also sad to miss it. There is far too much going o this weekend!

Justice Feelgood Marshall said...

Nice preview, Vee. Would you be ok with DNN republishing this (under your name, pretty much word-for-word and with a link back here?) Let me know...

Jill said...

BADG has this I'm sure of it. But, what happened to Fighty???
I would have like to have heard about that match up with her old league. Bummer.
Like I said on the yahoo group...we better be getting up to date messages Vee. Boss and I gotta know how our bad girls are doin.

Killer Vee said...

I can't get you score updates! I'm going to be at Sonoma vs Santa Cruz!

Busta Armov said...

If the stars align and the Interwebs cooperate, there will be a live blog of the game on DNN. The main event should start at 7 or thereabouts.

I may try to do Twitter updates with the same stars and Interwebs disclaimer, but that would be less frequent. No guaranties on the Twitter side though.

Mojo Vixen said...

Thanks Busta!