Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SVRG vs SCR re-cap

Event: Spring Beating April 11th, 2009
Leagues: Silicon Valley Roller Girls vs. Sac City Rollers
Halftime Score: 57 to 54 SCR
Final Score: 97 to 84 SVRG

You would think that since this bout was the first bout of the season that I wasn't playing in or working at, I would have lots of notes and observations since I had nothing to do but watch. You thought wrong! I brought neither a pen nor a piece of paper. Because I am dumb. And totally new to this "re-cap" thing.

Part of the reason I didn't retain any useful information is because I was yelling my fool head off the whole game. Poor Matty was stuck between me and Lulu Lockjaw during the bout. I bet his ears are still ringing.

I was shouting and hollering so much because it was such a *close* and frustrating game. While I don't have an official scoring report, the game was rarely ever more then ten-ish points apart. Sac had the lead, then SVRG had the lead, then Sac, then SVRG, etc etc.

I say the game was frustrating because it seemed like on both sides there was a lack of team unity. A lot of players playing as individuals. And when it's a team of individuals on the floor, individual holes open up and disciplined play goes out the window. I know that SVRG is still relatively new to the scene but Sac has been around literally twice as long. I personally felt that both teams needed more work on their defense. It was, at times, painful to watch. Nothing makes me cringe more than to watch a jammer just shrug off a little hit and move on out while the player trying to stop them ends up on the floor. The only thing that makes me cringe more is watching a blocker trying to coast across the rink to try and tap a sprinting jammer. You need to move your feet when a jammer is approaching! No sliding!

But enough about that! Let's talk about the good! Smack Dahlia. How tall is she? Sheesh. I'd have to say, unofficially of course, that she got the most points for SVRG. She jammed about ten times and got around 33 points.

Lil Punk was SCR's main point-scorer in the first period. She got 31 points in 6 jams for the first half. I don't know what happened to her in the second period, but Purdy Grrl took over the scoring lead with 16 points in 6 jams.

In the pack, veteran skater Pia Mess put on a hell of a show for her San Jose fans. She was probably the stand-out blocker when she was in the pack and she also did well as a jammer. She had hard hits and continuous force-outs. On the Sac side, I'd say most of the heavy-lifting was done by Spankenstein and Stinger. Spanky was frequently the only SCR player remaining at the front of the pack trapping the opposing jammer.

There is just one more thing I want to say. The last jam. SCR's jammer Purdy Grrl is in the box, I think Smack Dahlia is jamming for SVRG. It's literally the last jam. It could go up to two minutes even after the time on the clock has ticket off. SVRG is ahead before it starts by maybe 6 points. Something like that. Smack's doing her thing, trying to get some points, and Purdy Grrl is released from the penalty box. And she starts....TO PLAY DEFENSE IN THE PACK?! WHAAAAAAAT?!

It is the last opportunity in the game to score points. The other team already has the lead. The only thing you can do is try to score in an attempt to maybe tie the game or win it. It is not impossible! To go out there and play defense as a jammer in the last jam with just a 6 point deficit is....insane.

Remember Nationals last year? When BAD was down 19 points in the last jam against Philly? And Kitt Turbo scored 19 points and the Philly jammer went to the box? And everyone thought the game was tied at 103 - 103? THINGS LIKE THAT CAN HAPPEN! Don't play as a defensive jammer in the last jam when you have even the slightest chance of making a comeback. Ever.

Congratulations on your victory, SVRG! I'm optimistic that the remaining games of the season will be less nerve-racking than your season opener. And I will see you on May 2nd when you take on the San Francisco ShEvil Dead!


Lulu Lockjaw said...

Poor Matty! My throat was raw and my voice was done the next day. Its hard to go to a derby bout and not coach from the sidelines.

Yi-Nan said...

Actually that did not necessarily have to have been the last jam. When the actual "last" jam ended there were still 15 seconds left on the clock. Had Sac had an extra time out left (did they? you have the stats?) they could have called a time out and then gotten one last jam started at 15 seconds. I was totally expecting them to do that but they didn't! Why not?
- Double Easy

Killer Vee said...

@Double Easy - AHHH! You're absolutely right! I remember being baffled as to why the game ended with 15 seconds on the clock. Yah, they totally should have called a time out to force another jam. But my point still stands. Don't play defense as a jammer at the end of the game if you're behind and could catch up.

Pia Mess said...

Thanks Vee, for the re-cap! It was a very frustrating bout... and with that score going back and forth with very jam! sheesh.

Pia Mess said...

Thanks Vee, for the re-cap! It was a very frustrating bout... and with that score going back and forth with very jam! sheesh.

Jill said...

I thought you couldn't start a new jam unless you had at least 30 seconds left on the clock....
or am I missing something from the rules?

Killer Vee said...

You can start a new jam with less than 30 seconds left on the clock if a team calls a time out...

Megan (Panda) said...

Thanks for the write up Vee. I think at the end of the bout that each team had used up all their timeouts (I know that I did; which I almost NEVER do). I called my last time out when the second jammerless jam was called and it appeared that sac was subing in players (they didn't but it looked like they did).

I am looking forward to the rest of the season with SVRG working together better (and that only comes with experience). We have a totally packed season and will be playing a bunch of experienced legues (we are playing every WFTDA league in California).

I am also looking forward to seeing how each of our two teams develops; since this is the first season that we have two teams. I am viewing each team as a rough gem right now and with polishing they will become amazing.

-Coach Panda (SVRG)

Killer Vee said...

@Panda Totally! You guys are going to have a really tough but ultimately rewardig season playing all those competitors.

SVRG is extremely lucky to have experienced players for coaches. How many teams work for years without a coach and try to figure it out on their own?

I think in a few months SVRG is going to be totally different team.