Saturday, April 11, 2009

Help Needed

I need a slogan.

I'm planning on being in Chicago next month to see Sonoma take on the Outfit. Since I will be one of the few people in the crowd cheering for the visiting team, I want to make it really well known that I am a California derby girl.

So I'd like to make a custom shirt. With a catchy slogan. And that saying could be the official slogan for this blog.

But I can't think of anything! Seriously. The only thing I have so far is "Nor Cal does it better." Which is....blah.

Please submit any suggestions you may have in the comments!


Southbayfan said...

Not really slogans, but more like ideas for one.

Left Coast, Fast Skates

San Francisco Derby News

Golden State Skater

Brick Shields said...

I can do whatever I want cuz I'm a BAD skater.

rollella said...

my only thought is something like "Northern California: where the living is slow, but the girls are fast!" I dunno. That sucks. This is a hard one, Vee!

Aly Sylum said...

"I left my (picture of skates with a heart around them) in San Francisco"